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Gonna B Good
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Pat Stott and Laura Hilbert (Sway) April 2014
Gonna B Good by Keith Urban. Album: Fuse (deluxe Edition)
Count in: 7 secs

Notes: wall 4 Restart after the first 32 counts. Wall 6- 4count Tag after the first 12 counts.

[1-8] Step right side , touch , step left side, touch, 3/4 roll right, 1/4 right chasse.
1234step right to right side, touch left beside right with clap, Step left to left side, touch right beside left with a clap.
567&8making a 3/4 turn over right shoulder, step 1/4 right stepping forward on the right, 1/2 right stepping back on the left, into another 1/4 to the right stepping right to right side, close left to right, step right to right side.

[9-16] Cross rock, recover, left chasse 1/4 left, full roll, step lock step, close.
123&4rock left across right, recover weight back onto right, step left to left side, close right to left, step left to left side making 1/4 to the left.
(4count Tag on wall 6 is here )
567&8&Making a full turn over left shoulder step right, left, step forward on the right, lock left behind right, step forward on the right, close left to right.

[17-24] Right mambo forward, left coaster step, rock side & cross & cross, stomp.
1&23&4Rock forward on the right, recover weight onto left, close right to left. Step back on the left, close right to left, step forward on the left.
5&6&78Rock right to right side, recover weight onto left, cross right over left, step left slightly to left side, cross right over left, stomp left to left side.

[25-32] Right sailor step, left sailor 1/4 turn, heel & heel &, kick out out.
1&23&4Cross right behind left, step left to left side, step right to side, making 1/4 left cross left behind right, step right to right side, step left to side.
5&6&7&8Right heel forward, step right beside left, left heel forward, step left beside right, kick right foot forward, step right foot out, step left foot out.
(Wall 4 Restart is here )

[33-40] Right toe heel stomp, left toe heel stomp, scuff right hitch step back, stomp left, swivel heels out.
1&23&4touch right toe forward turning knee in, touch right heel forward turning knee out, stomp weight onto right. touch left toe forward turning knee in, touch left heel forward turning knee out, stomp weight onto left.
5&67&8scuff right heel forward, hitch right knee up, step back on the right. Stomp left foot slightly forward, swivel both heels out , in.

Tag :
[1-4] Step , pivot 1/4, stomp, clap.
1 2 3 4step forward on the right, pivot 1/4 turn to the left, stomp right beside left, clap.
Optional arms: Beginning of walls 2,4 and 7: raise both arms in the air for 3 counts, bring arms down and clap on beat 4 only.

Ending: After the first 18 counts (mambo forward)
Turn the coaster step into a coaster 1/4 turn left to bring you to the front wall.

Pat Stott: email- patstott1@hotmail.co.uk , website- www.patstott.com
Laura Hilbert (Sway) - Laura.bates97@yahoo.co.uk

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