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Gonna Have A Party

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Nancy Rosera - May 2021
Gonna Have A Party - Noel Flynn
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Step Fwd R, Kick L, Coaster Step 2X
1 2Fwd R, kick L
3&4Coaster step: back L, back R, fwd L
5 6Fwd R, kick L
7&8Coaster step: back L, back R, fwd L

R Vine, Left Vine w/ 1/2 Turn Left
1 2 3 4R to right, L behind R, R to right, touch L
5 6 7 8L to left, R behind L, turn 1/2 left stepping L, touch R

K Step
1 2Diag: Fwd R, touch L
3 4Diag: Back L, touch R
5 6Diag: Back R, touch L
7 8Diag: Fwd L, touch R

Kickball Change 2X, Jazz Box w/ 1/4 turn Right
1&2Kick R, step R, step L next to R
3&4Kick R, step R, step L next to R
5 6 7 8R over L, back L, turn 1/4 right stepping R, fwd L

Contact : Nancy Rosera


marja May 6, 2021
Why do you have such trouble finding music for a new dance yourself.
just find your own music, it's not that difficult, stay away from the music on which a new dance has just been written, you don't do that.
I think this is sad

mvdtoornvrijthoff May 6, 2021
Wow, I tink think It's very sad and not so nice😥

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