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Good Job 2020 (Twenty Twenty)

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Lily Iguchi (JAP), Yu Sugawara (JP), Hana Iwai (JAP) & Tomohiro Iizuka (JAP) - May 2020
Good Job – Alicia Keys (3:50)
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Note: Rolling Count , Intro 16 counts (16 secs), No tag No Restart

[1-8] Sway RL. Rolling Vine R, Sway LR, Rolling Vine L
1-2Step R to right side and Sway R, Sway L
3a4Making 1/4 right turn Step R forward, 1/2 right turn Step L back, 1/4 right turn Step R to right side
5-6Sway L, Sway R
7a8Making 1/4 left turn Step L forward, 1/2 left turn Step R back, 1/4 left turn Step L to left side

[9-17] Step R Sweep L, Step L Sweep R, Pivot 1/2 Turn L, 1/2 Turn L, Side Point R, Walk RL, Brush R, Point R Back
1-2Making 1/8 left Turn Step R forward Sweep L . Step L forward Sweep R (10:30)
3a4Step R forward, Pivot 1/2 left turn (weight on left), Making 1/2 left turn Step R back (10:30)
(No Turn Option – Step Rock R forward, Recover L, Step R back)
a5Making 1/4 left turn Step L to left side, Point R to right side (7:30)
6-7Making 1/4 right turn Step down forward R, Step L forward (10:30)
8a1Brush R forward, Hitch R, Point R back

[18-24] 3/8 R Turn Step R, Cross L, Cross R Sweep L, Cross L, Side R, Back L Sweep R, Back R, Side L, Cross R Sweep L
2Making 3/8 right turn Step down R diagonally forward (3:00)
3-4Cross L forward, Cross R forward Sweep L
5a6Step L across right, Step R to right side, Step L behind right Sweep R back
7a8Step R behind left, Step L to left side, Step R across left Sweep L forward

[25-32] Diamond 1/2 Left Turn, Cross L Cross Arms, Open Arms, R Lock Steps, L Lock Steps
1a2Step L across right, Step R to right side, 1/8 left turn Step L back (1:30)
3a4Step R back, 1/8 left turn Step L to left side, 1/8 left turn Step R forward (10:30)
5-61/8 left turn Step L across right Cross both arms front of chest (Roll down upper body slightly), Open arms (Roll up upper body) (9:00)
7&aStep R diagonally forward, Lock L behind right, Step R diagonally forward
8&aStep L diagonally forward, Lock R behind left, Step L diagonally forward

Ending: On 7th wall, Dance to the end of 13 (Point R to right side after full turn), face to 12:00

Lily Iguchi (Howdy Country Dancers)
Yu Sugawara (Dancing Appaloosa)

Last Update - 11 June 2020



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