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Good Thing

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Beginner / Intermediate
Lynne Bay (FR) - May 2014
Good Thing - Keith Urban : (Album: 'Fuse' 2013)
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[1-8] Heel, Hook, Electric Kick, Heel, Hook, Electric Kick
1&2&Right heel touch, hook right foot across left leg, step right, left toe touch behind
3&4Electric kick
5&6&Right heel touch, hook right foot across left leg, step right, left toe touch behind
7&8Electric kick

[9-16] Pivot, Toe Strut, Lock Step, Step Step Stomp
1&2Pivot ½ turn left, step right
3&4&Toe strut forward left, ½ turn right, toe strut back right, pivot ½ turn right
5&6Step forward left, lock right behind left, step forward left
7&8Step forward right, step forward left, stomp right

[17-24] Monterey Turn, Ankle Catch, Drag, Stomp
1&2Monterey ½ turn right weight change to left leg keeping right foot together
3-4Catch back of left ankle with front of right foot, ½ turn left on left ball
5&6Step back right, drag left foot, together
7&8Stomp right, stomp left, stomp right

[25-32] Vaudevilles, Cross Unwind, Hold, Heel Swivel
1&2&Step diagonally back left on left, cross right over left, step diagonally back left on left, touch right heel diagonally forward right
3&4&Step diagonally back right on right, cross left over right, step diagonally back right on right, touch left heel diagonally forward left
5-6Cross right over left, unwind with ½ turn left
7&8Hold, then taking weight onto left heel and right toe, swivel both toes to the left, return to center


Tag/Restart, 8 Counts, (4th wall after first 16 counts)
1-2Rock forward right, back onto left,
3-4Rock back on left, ¼ turn left on ball of right foot


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