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Good Thing

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Alison Johnstone (AUS) & David Hoyn (AUS) - September 2013
Good Thing - Keith Urban : (Album: Fuse- iTunes)
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Start: On Vocals (25 seconds)

(1-8) Left Sailor Step, ¼ Turn Right Sailor Step, Step ½ Turn, Walk Walk, Right Forward Coaster (9.00)
1&2Left behind Right, Step Right side (&), Step Left side (Sailor),
3&4Right behind Left turning ¼ Right, Step Left side (&), Step Right side (Sailor) (3.00)
5&6Step Left turning ½ Right, Walk forward Right (&), Left (9.00)
7&8Step forward Right, Step Left next to Right (&), Step Back Right (Forward Coaster)

(9-16) Turn ½ Left, Turn ½ Left, Left Coaster Step, Walk, Walk, Right Stomp Stomp
1, 2½ turn Left stepping forward Left, ½ turn Left stepping back on Right (9.00)
3&4Step back on Left, Step Right next to Left, Step forward left (Coaster)
5, 6Walk forward Right, Walk forward Left
7, 8Stomp Right twice next to Left (no weight)

(17-24)Sway Right, Sway Left, Behind, Side, Front, Vine Left,
1, 2Step Right to Side swaying Right, Sway Left
3&4Step Right behind Left, Step Left Side, Step Right over Left
5, 6Step Left to Side, Step Right behind Left
7, 8Step Left to side, Touch Right next to Left (Vine)
(Wall 3 Keith sings that he is spinning so you may like to roll this vine during that wall counts 5-8)

(25-32) Rolling Vine Right Finishing Stepping Forward Left, Pivot ½ Left, Step Right, Hitch Left(3.00)
1, 2¼ turn Right Stepping forward Right, ½ turn Right Stepping back on Left
3, 4¼ Turn Right stepping Right to side, Step forward Left (Rolling Vine)
5, 6Step forward Right, Pivot ½ over Left taking weight on Left (3.00)
7, 8Step forward Right, Hitch Left (Lean back for a bit of attitude)

(33-40) Left Dorothy, Right Dorothy, Pivot ¼ Right, Cross Shuffle (6.00)
1, 2&Step diagonally forward Left, Step Right behind Left, Step diagonally forward Left (&) (Dorothy)
3, 4&Step diagonally forward Right, Step Left behind Right, Step diagonally forward Right (&) (Dorothy)
5, 6Step Left forward, Pivot ¼ over Right taking weight on Right (6.00)
7&8Cross Left over Right, Step Right to side (&), Cross Left over Right (Cross Shuffle)

(41-48) ¼ Right Chasse, ½ Back Shuffle, ½ Forward Shuffle, Left Forward Mambo Step (9.00)
1&2Step Right Side, Step Left Together (&), Step ¼ Right (Right ¼ Turn Chasse) (9.00)
3&4½ turn Right stepping back Left, Step Right together (&), Step back Left (Left Half Turn Shuffle) (3.00)
5&6Step ½ Right, Step Left Together (&), Step Right forward (Right Half Turn Shuffle) (9.00)
7&8Step Forward Left, Recover Right (&), Step Left back

(49-56) Right Vaudeville, Left Vaudeville, Step Forward Right, ½ Left Hooking Left, Walk Walk (3.00)
1&2&Cross Right over Left, Step back Left (&), Dig Right heel diagonally forward, Step Right beside Left (&)
3&4&Cross Left over Right, Step back Right (&), Dig Left heel diagonally forward, Step Left beside Right (&)
5, 6Step forward Right, ½ turn over Left hooking Left heel under Right knee (3.00)
7, 8Walk forward Left, Walk forward Right
** EASY RESTART HERE WALL 2- Restart facing 6.00**

(56-64) Walk Left, Touch Right Behind, Ball, Left Heel Forward, Ball, Touch Right, Pivot ½ Left, Step Right, Sweep Left ½ Turn (3.00)
1, 2&Walk forward Left, Touch Right toe behind Left heel, Step on Right (&)
3&4Dig Left heel forward, Step Left beside Right (&), Touch Right beside Left
5, 6Step forward Right, Pivot ½ over Left taking weight on Left
7, 8Step Forward Right, Turn ½ over Left sweeping Left (weight remains Right)


END OF DANCE: Dance ends during Wall 6 (starts facing 3.00)
Dance to end of Vine (counts 20-24) you will be facing Front TADA!!!
Hope you enjoy

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