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Goodbye California

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Rob Fowler – Oct 2015
Jana Kramer - Goodbye California
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Sec 1: Side Step R, Cross L Over R, Step R To R Side, Kick L to L Diagonal, (Repeat to L)L Side, Cross, Side, Kick R to R
1-2Step R to R side, Cross L over R
3-4Step R to R side, Kick L to L diagonal
5-6Step L to L side, Cross R over L
7-8Step L to L side, Kick R to R diagonal

Sec 2: Behind, Side, Cross, Hold, Side Rock, Cross, Hold
9-10Step R behind L, Step L to L side
11-12Cross R over L, Hold
13-14Rock L to L side, Recover to R side
15-16Cross L over R, Hold

Sec 3: Weave Right, Side Rock Cross
17-18Step R to R side, Step L behind R
19-20Step R to R side, Cross L over R
21-22Rock R to R side, Recover to L side
23-24Cross R over L, Hold

Sec 4: ½ Rumba Box Forward,Touch, Side, Touch, Side, Touch
25-26Step L to L side, Step R next to L
27-28Step Forward L, Touch R next to L
29-30Step R to R side, Touch L next to R
31-32Step L to L side, Touch R next to L

Sec 5: Step Back R, Lock L Over R, Step Back R, Kick L Fwd, Step Back L, Lock R,Step Back L, Kick R fwd 33-34 Step Back R, Lock L over R
35-36Step back R, Kick L fwd
37-38Step back L, Lock R over L
39-40Step back L, Kick R fwd

Sec 6: R Coaster Step, Step Forward L, Lock R Behind, Step Fwd L
41-42Step back R, Step L next to R
43-44Step fwd R, Hold
45-46Step fwd L, Lock R behind L
47-48Step fwd L, Hold
Tag on wall 7 after section 6--------Restart After Tag

Sec 7: 2 x ½ Turns,Step Back, Clap, Step Back Clap
49-50Step Fwd R, Make ½ turn L
51-52Make ½ turn L step Back R, Hold
53-54Step Back L, Clap
55-56Step Back R, Clap

Sec 8: L Coaster Step, Hold, Make ¼ Turn L,Touch R, Hold Clap, Clap
57-58Step back L, Step R next to L
59-60Step fwd L, Hold
61-62Make ¼ Turn L touching R next to L, Hold
63-64Clap, Clap

Tag: Step, Hold ½ Pivot Turn L, Hold, Step R next to L, Hold, Clap, Clap
1-2Step Fwd R, Hold
3-4Make ½ Pivot Turn L, Hold
5-6Step R next to L, Hold
7-8Clap, Clap

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