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Goodbye For Now

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José Miguel Belloque Vane (NL) - September 2017
Goodbye for Now - Juanes : (3:28)
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Introduction: 48 counts, . - No Tags Or Restarts.

[1-8] L Back Rock / Recover, Step Lock Step L, ½ Pivot Turn L, ½ R Shuffle Turn L.
1,2Step L back, Recover back on R.
3&4Step L forward, Lock R behind L, Step L fwd.
5,6.Step R forward, Pivot ½ turn L (6) over L take weight on L.
7&8Make ½ turn L (12) step R back, Step L beide R, Step R back.

[9-16] Side with ¼ Turn L, Together, Chasse L, Jazz Across with ¼ Turn R, Touch L.
1,2Make ¼ turn (9) step L to L, Step R beside L.
3&4Step L to L, Step R beside L, Step to L.
5,8.Step R across L, Make ¼ turn R (12) step L back, Step R to R, Touch L beside R.

[17-24] Step, ½ Turn L, Back, Continue a ½ Turn Shuffle Turn L, Walks Fwd R, L, Mambo Step R.
1,2Step L forward, Make ½ turn L (6) step R back
3&4Continue a ½ turn L (12) step L forward, Step R beside L, Step L forward.
5,6Walk R Fwd, Walk L Fwd.
7&8Step R forward, Recover back on L, Step R slightly back.

[25-32] Back, Side with ¼ Turn R, Cross & Cross R, Side, Hold, Hip Bumps L, R.
1,2Step L back, Make ¼ turn R (3) step R to R.
3&4Step L across R, Step R slightly to R, Step L across R.
5,6Step R out to R, Hold.
7,8Bump L to L, Bump R to R.



Last Update - 18th Sept 2017


OLDSALTY September 21, 2017
Thank You so much Jose for choreographing a dance that is achievable for everyone to enjoy Lovely music for all too dance too
Best Wishes Victoria XX

DanseNina November 14, 2017
My favorite at the Linedance festival i Gol Norway in october 2017. Nice music and a well made dance for beginners.

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