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Got To Give It Up

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Linda McCormack (UK) - October 2015
Got to Give It Up (remix) by Aaliyah
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#32 count intro (start dance on ‘party’) WCS style

[1-8] Walk, walk, mambo, back, cross, sweep ¼ turn, sailor, hip bump x2
1,2Walk forward R (1); walk forward L (2);
3&4&Rock forward RF (3); recover weight back onto LF (&); step RF together with L (4); cross LF over R (&);
5,6&Step slightly back on the RF and sweep the LF round whilst turning a ¼ to the L (5); step LF behind R (6); step RF to R side (&)
7&8Step the LF to L side whilst bumping the L hip to the L side (7); recover weight back to the R (&); stepping back on the LF and bumping the hip a second time to the L (8);

[9-16] R shuffle forward (into L diagonal forward) 2x strut steps, L mambo forward, R shuffle ½ turn (squaring up to the 3.00 wall)
1&2(Into the L diagonal, 6.30 wall) Step forward on the RF (1); recover weight back to LF (&); step forward on RF (2);
3,4Step forward on the LF and slide the ball of the RF next to L (3); step forward on the RF and slide the ball of the LF next to the R (4);
5&6Rock forward on the LF (5); recover weight back onto the RF (&); step LF next to R (6);
7&8Making a ½ turn over the R shoulder step forward on the RF (7); step LF slightly behind R (&); step forward on RF (squaring up to the 3.00 wall as you finish shuffle) (8);

[17-24] Walk, walk, kick, out, out, heel twist, 3 x heel swivels
1,2Walk forward LF (1); walk forward RF (2);
3&4Kick LF forward (3); step LF slightly diagonal back (&); step RF to R side (4);
5Twist both heels to the R ( body is angled towards the 12.00 wall) (5);
&6&7&8Recover heels back to 3.00 wall (&); twist heels back to 12.00 wall (6); repeat twice for (&7&8);

[25-32] Together (turning to the 1/4) forward, ¼ pivot, cross, ¼ turn, shuffle quarter turn, anchor step
&1,2Turning to the 12.00 wall step the LF next to R (&); step forward on the RF (1); pivot ¼ turn to face 9.00 wall (2);
3,4Cross RF over the L (3); ¼ turn stepping back on the LF (facing 12.00 wall) (4);
5&6¼ turn to the R (3.00 wall) stepping the RF to the R side (5); step LF slightly next to R (&); step RF to R side (6);
7&8Rock LF back behind R (7); recover weight forward onto RF (&); Rock back on LF (8);



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