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Gotta Hitch

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Francien Sittrop (NL) - May 2008
Bounce With Me - Kreesha Turner
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Intro : 32 Count Intro, on lyrics “Sunset”, 20 Seconds

(1 – 8) Toe Struts R and L, Coaster step, Kicks ¼ Turn L, Sailor step ¼ Turn L
1&2& Step on R toe fwd, Drop Heel, Step on L toe fwd, Drop Heel
3&4 Step R back, Step L next to R, Step R fwd
5&6 L kick fwd, L kick back, make ¼ turn L on ball of R and kick L fwd
7&8 Make ¼ turn L Step L behind R, Step R next to L, Step L in Place (6.00)

(9-16) Kicks fwd, Rocking Chair, Step ¾ turn left, Kick Ball Cross Dip (Diag right)
1&2& R kick fwd, R step fwd, L kick fwd, L step fwd (travelling fwd)
3&4& R rock fwd, recover on L, R rock back, recover on L **** (restart)
5 – 6 R step fwd, Make ¾ turn left (9.00)
7&8 R kick diagonally fwd, R step down, L cross over R with Dip

(17-24) Hitch and Heel and step fwd, Bounces ¼ turn left, Step ½ turn, step ¾ turn step side
1&2& R hitch, R step down, L heel forward, L step next to R
3&4 Step R fwd (3), Bounce ¼ turn L (&4) (Weight ends on R) (6.00)
5 – 6 L step fwd, make ½ turn right (12.00)
7&8 L step fwd, make ¾ turn R, Step L to L side (9.00)

(24-32) Toe Touches (Travelling back), 3 Jumps Back, Coaster Step, 3 Runs Forward
1&2& R touch across L, R step back, L touch across R, L step back
3&4 Jump back 3 times with both feet (Weight ends on L)
5&6 Step R Back, Bring L next to R, Step R Fwd
7&8 Run Fwd 3 times little steps L, R, L (bend your knees)

(33-40) Kick Step, Rock , Recover x2 , Jazz Box ¼ turn R
1&2& Kick R Forward, Step R fwd, Rock L to L side, Recover on R
3&4& Kick L Forward, Step L fwd, Rock R to R side, Recover on L
5 – 6 Cross R over L, Make ¼ turn R stepping L back (12.00)
7 – 8 Step R to R Side, Cross L over R
***Click fingers to R, L, R, L as you step on each foot.

(41-48) Toe Heel Cross, Scoot, Coaster Step, Toe Touches with ¼ Turn R and step fwd
1&2 Touch R toe in place, Dig R heel to R Side, Cross R over L
& Scoot Back on R foot hitching L knee up
3&4 Step L Back, Step R in Place, Step L Fwd
5&6& R Touch R to R Side, Step R next to L, Touch L to L side, Step L next to R
7&8 R touch R side, Make ¼ Turn R and step R next to L, Step L fwd (3.00)

(49-56) R Knee Roll, L Knee Roll, Rocking Chair, Step fwd, ½ Turn L
1 – 2 Roll R knee clockwise twice and step fwd
3 – 4 Roll the L knee anti-clockwise twice and step fwd
5&6& R rock fwd, recover on L., R rock back, Recover on L
7 – 8 Step R fwd, Make ½ turn L (9.00)

(57-64) Charleston step, Step-Lock-Step, Step-Lock-Step-Touch
1 – 2 Touch R fwd, Sweep and Step R back
3 – 4 Touch L back, Sweep and Step L fwd
5&6 Step R diag. R fwd, L lock behind R, Step R fwd,
&7&8 Step Left diag. L fwd, Step R behind L, Step L fwd, Touch R next to L

****Restart in the 2nd wall: Dance to Count 12 (Rocking Chair), then dance following 4 counts
(13-16) Step ½ Pivot, Kick Ball Step
1-2 Step R fwd, Pivot ½ turn L stepping L fwd
3&4 Kick R fwd, Step R in Place, Step L fwd

Ending: You end on last step of the dance, 12:00. Replace touch with a hop fwd on the R with both arms out!!!!!

Thanks to Ryan for his efforts in the dance…


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