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Gør Mig Lykkelig (Make Me Happy)

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Lone Darling (DK), Nellie Jane Darling & Kim Liebsch (DK) - January 2015
Gør Mig Lykkelig - Barbara Moleko
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Intro: 16 counts after 1`st beat (appr. 11 sec ) Start with weight on L foot

#1 section: 2 X walk, ball cross step, step ½ turn, ½ turn lock back
1-2Walk fw. on R, walk fw. on L 12:00
&3-4Step fw. on R, cross L over R while twisting body L, step fw. on R 12:00
5-6Step fw. on L, make ½ R stepping fw. on R 6:00
&7-8Make ½ turn R stepping back on L, lock R over L, step back on L 12:00

#2 section: ¼ paddle turn with hip role, cross shuffle, side rock, triple step
1-2Step fw. on R, make ¼ turn, changing weight to L while rolling hip 9:00
3&4Cross R over L, step L to L side, cross R over L 9:00
5-6Rock L to L side, recover on R 9:00
7&8Step L beside R, step R beside L, step L beside R on spot (* Restart) 9:00

#3 section: Kick & rock & X 2, point back ½ turn, ¼ turn step side
1&2&Kick R fw., step R beside L, rock L to L side, recover on R 9:00
3&4&Kick L fw., step L beside R, rock R to R side, recover on L 9:00
5-6Point R back, make ½ turn R while stepping down on R 3:00
7-8Make ¼ turn R stepping L to L side, step R to R side 6:00

#4 section: Cross together knee pop X 2, step ¼ turn with flick, cross out out
&1-2Cross L over R, step R next to L, make knee pop ( lift both heels from floor ) 6:00
&3-4Cross R over L, step L next to R, make knee pop ( lift both heels from floor ) 6:00
5-6Step fw. on L, make ¼ turn R putting weight on R while flicking L 9:00
7&8Cross L over R, step out R, step out L 9:00

Good Luck & N´joy!

Restart: On wall 10 after 16 counts *

Ending: Rock fw. on R (1), recover on L(2), make ¼ turn R stepping R to R side(3) Step L to L side(4)


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