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Grab Your Skates

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Jonno Liberman (USA) - February 2017
No Tags or Restarts – Begin after 32 counts

[1-8] Glide x2, Rock, Recover, Back, Touch, Hip Bump (12:00)
1, 2Bend slightly down as you slide R foot back on diagonal, Hitch R
3, 4Step R next to L and bend slightly down as you slide L foot back on diagonal, Hitch L
5, 6&Rock L forward, Recover onto R, Step back on L
7&8Touch R slightly in front of L, Bump hips R (option to also twist heel out), Return hips to center (return heel to center)
Note: Counts 1-4 are imitating a skating motion, but do not move forward.

[9-16] Walk x2, Side Rock, Cross, Step-Touch x2 making 3/4 Turn (9:00)
1, 2Step R forward, Step L forward
&3, 4Rock R to right, Recover onto L, Cross R over L
5, 6Step L to left, Turn 1/4 right as you touch R next to L (3:00)
7, 8Turn 1/4 right as you step R forward (6:00), Turn 1/4 right as you touch L next to R (9:00)

[17-24] Large Step L, Shake Your Money Maker, Slight Hitch, Skate x4 making 1/2 Turn (3:00)
1&2&3Large step L to left and slowly shift weight to left as you shake your hips and/or shoulders
4Slightly hitch R (keep it close to L ankle or lower shin)
5, 6Skate R forward, Turn 1/4 left as you skate L forward (6:00)
7, 8Skate R forward, Turn 1/4 left as you skate L forward (3:00)

[25-32] Cross-Rock, Side, Kick, Out-Out, Booty Shake, Step Together (3:00)
1&2Cross R over L, Recover weight back onto L, Step R to right
3, 4Kick L forward, Step L out, Step R out
5, 6Bump hips to back-right, Bump hips to back-left
7, 8Bump hips to back-right, Step L next to R



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