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Graffiti Baby

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Julie Snailham (ES) - December 2018
Never Comin Down - Keith Urban : (Album: Graffiti U - or iTunes)
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Intro: at 16 counts (Start on Lyrics)

*4 Restarts in this dance but so clear in the music:

Wall 2 at 16 Counts (facing 9)
Wall 4 at 20 Counts (facing 9)
Wall 6 at 8 Counts (facing 6)
Wall 10 at 16 Counts (facing 9)

SECTION 1: Touch, touch, kick, coaster step, (x2) (optional air punches/claps as you touch, touch, kick)
1&2Touch R toe twice next to L, kick R foot forward
3&4Step R back, Step L beside R, Step forward on R
5&6Touch L toe twice next to R, kick L foot forward
7&8Step L foot back, step R beside L, step L forward

SECTION 2: Walk, walk, triple stomp, walk, walk, coaster step
1-2Walk forward R, Walk forward L
3&4Stomp R, Stomp L next to R, Stomp R
5-6Walk back L, Walk back R
7&8Step back L, step R beside L, step forward on L

SECTION 3: Step pivot ½, step pivot ¼, jazz box
1-2Step forward on R foot, pivot ½ L
3-4Step forward on R foot, pivot ¼ L
5-6Cross R over L, step L foot slightly L and back
7-8Step R to side, step L forward (weight on L ready to start Section 4)

SECTION 4: Toe heel stomp (x2), step pivot ½, walk walk
1&2Touch R toe together, touch R heel together, stomp R forward
3&4Touch L toe together, touch L heel together, stomp L forward
5-6Step forward on R, Pivot ½ L
7-8Walk forward R, walk forward L

Last wall end of dance you will be facing 3.00, Section 4, 7-8 step change - step forward R and pivot ¼ L to finish – ta daah xxx

Live, Love, Dance

Julie Snailham - Email or facebook Julie Snailham


ptf January 7, 2019
Great little dance...perfect for beginners!

Conrad February 20, 2019
My beginners get a bit scared of restarts, but I really think this song is perfect to hear when they are coming. Love the dance! You are fantastic!

Conrad February 22, 2019
I taught this tonight and everyone loved it.

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