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Gravedigger (P)

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Beginner - Partner
Tom Avinger (USA) - January 2013
Better Dig Two - The Band Perry : (Short Version)
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(Adapted From The Line Dance, With Permission And Appreciation, Choreographed By Donna Manning)

Step, Touch, Touch, Touch; Step, Touch, Touch, Touch
1-4Step R Forward To 1:00 Angling Body To 10:00, Touch L To R Instep, Touch L To L, Touch L To R Instep
5-8Step L Forward To 10:00 Angling Body To 1:00, Touch R To L Instep, Touch R To R, Touch R To L Instep

R Lock Step, Step, Hold; L Lock Step, Step, Hold
9-12Step R Forward, Lock L Behind R, Step R Forward, Hold
13-16Step L Forward, Lock R Behind L, Step L Forward, Hold

Rock, Recover, Turn, Hold 2x
17-20Rock Forward R, Recover To L, Half Turn R (To Rlod) Stepping R, Hold
21-24Rock Forward L, Recover To R, Half Turn L (To Lod) Stepping L, Hold

Forward Rumba R, Forward Rumba L
25-28Step R To R, Step L To R, Step R Forward, Hold,
29-32Step L To L, Step R To L, Step L Forward, Hold

Tag (Music Dies, 4 Hard Beats)
1-4V Step With Some Emphasis, R To R Forward Diagonal L To L Forward Diagonal; Bring R Back To Center, Bring L Back To Center Stepping Next To R

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