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Gravity's a B**ch

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Candee Seger (March 2015)
"Gravity's a B**ch" by Miranda Lambert
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Begins on vocals (8 counts in)

Section 1: Toe struts (R,L), kick ball change (2x)
1,2,3,4: R toe facing R diagonal, step on R foot; L toe cross over right, step on L foot
5&6: kick R foot toward R diagonal, ball on R foot, step on L
7&8: kick R foot toward R diagonal, ball on R foot, step on L

Section 2: Chasse, rock, recover, ¼, ¼, cross R over L, hold
1&2: Chasse (side shuffle) R (RLR)
3,4: Rock L behind R, recover onto R
5,6: Step back on L turn¼ R, turn ¼ R onto R foot
7,8: L cross over R, hold

Section 3: Rock, recover, sailor, coaster, rock recover
1,2: Side rock to R, recover on L
3&4: Cross R behind L, step L to left side, step R to R side
5&6: Step L back, step R next to L, step L forward
7,8: rock R forward, recover onto L (home)

Section 4: Rock, recover, ¼ turn L, jazz box w/a cross
1,2: Rock R back, recover onto L (home)
3,4: Step forward ¼ turn L
5,6: R cross over L, L step back
7,8: R next to L, L cross over R

Section 5: Point step back (2x), point touch knee in-out-in (hip goes along w/)
1,2: Point R to R side, step R back behind L
3,4: Point L to L side, step L back behind R
5,6: Point R to R side, touch next to L
7,8: R knee out to the R (hip goes along with knee), bring knee back in *

Section 6: Vine step, R, together, heels together/toes up (hands forward)
1,2: Step R, L behind R
3,4: Step R to side, cross L over R
5,6: Step R to R, step next to L (weight on both feet)
7,8: Heels together raise toes up (push hands forward & flexed) & push butt back,; recover

Section 7: Rolling vine L, chasse L, mambo, toes up/down
1,2: Step L ¼, turning L ½ back onto R foot,
3&4: L ¼ chasse (shuffle) LRL
5&6,: Rock R forward, recover L, R next to L
7,8: Raise up on your toes (feet together), then down

Section 8: Toes out, heels out, heels in, toes in, swivet R L (a swivel can be used as variation)
1,2: Toes fan out to diagonals (R to R, L to L); heels out (toes turn in)
3,4: Heels in (toes are now out at diagonals); toes in which brings feet parallel to home
5,6: R heel swivels so toes go R (weight on back of heel toes up), L foot swivels to R on toes of L foot (heel is up on L foot), bring both feet back to home **if doing swivel rather than swivet: heels to left, then center
7,8: L heel swivels so toes go L (weight on back of heel toes up), R foot swivels to L on toes of R foot (heel is up on R foot), bring both feet back to home ••if doing swivel rather than swivet: heels to right, then center

•Restart: One restart is after completion of 3rd rotation, do 32 counts (after instrumental) begins at 9:00 o’clock

•Styling: In Section 5, you can slap or point to your thigh(s) when she sings “bigger hips and bigger thighs” (counts 7,8).
This occurs on the 2nd and 4th rotations.
*In Section 7, you can shoulder shrug up and down on counts 7,8 (“you can nip it, tuck it, squeeze it but you’re never gonna beat it”). This occurs on the 2nd and 4th rotations.


( 15:48:05)


jenny39 March 9, 2015
That's a really neat dance but the dogs stole the show!!

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