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Gua Bo Zui (AB)

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Absolute Beginner
Paul Wong (CAN) - September 2018
"Jiu Hou De Xin Sheng 酒後的心聲" by Xiao Dou 小豆
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Intro music: (approx. 15 seconds)
start after vocal “Wo Yi Zhi”, start on the word “Tao” (the 4th word of the lyric “Wo Yi Zhi TAO”)
No Tag No Restart

Sec. 1: R rock side, L recover, R behind, L side, R cross, Mirror the steps
1 2rock RF to right side; recover weight on LF
3&4step RF behind LF; step LF to left side; step RF cross over LF
5 6rock LF to left side; recover weight on RF
7&8step LF behind RF; step RF to right side; step LF cross over RF

Sec. 2: Box steps
1 2step RF to right side; step LF next to RF
3 4step RF back; touch LF beside RF
5 6step LF to left side; step RF next to LF
7 8step LF fwd; touch RF beside LF
Sec.3: R side, L touch, L side, R touch, Rocking Chair
1 2step RF to right side; touch LF beside RF (could face slightly diagonal when doing the touch)
3 4step LF to left side; touch RF beside LF (could face slightly diagonal when doing the touch)
5 6 7 8rock RF fwd; recover weight on LF; rock RF back; recover weight on LF

Sec. 4: R cross, L point, L cross, R point, Jazz Box ¼ RT
1 2step RF cross over LF; point LF to left side
3 4step LF cross over RF; point RF to right side
5 6 7 8step RF cross over LF (5); step LF back (6); turn ¼ right stepping RF to side (7); step LF cross over RF (8) (3:00)

**The dance ends at the 24th count on wall #9 (facing 12:00), hold pose after the 8th count of Sec. 3 until the music ends.



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