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Gypsy Kings And Queens (P)

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Intermediate Partner Pattern Flow
George Washbond & Sandy Washbond - August 2017
Gypsy Queen - Chris Norman
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Position – Sweetheart

Right Rumba Box, Forward, Left Rumba Box, Back,
1 & 2Step Right To Right Side, Step Left Next To Right, Step Right Forward
3 & 4Step Left To Left Side, Step Right Next To Left, Step Left Backward
Right Coaster Step, Rock Foward Left, 1/4 Turn, Cross
5 & 6Step Right Back, Step Left Back Beside Right, Step Right Forward
7 & 8Rock Left Forward, Recover on Right Turning 1/4 Turn Right (OLD), Cross Left over Right

Side Rock 1/4 Turn, Step Forward, Step Lock, Step
1 & 2Rock Right To Side, 1/4 Turn Left (LOD), Replace Weight on Left, Step Right Forward
3 & 4Step Left Forward, Step Right Up Behind Left, Step Left Forward
Step Lock, Step, Rock Forward Recover Step Back
5 & 6Step Right Forward, Step Left Up Behind Right, Step Right Forward
7 & 8Rock Left Forward, Recover Back on Right, Step Back on Left and Weight Left

Back Right Step Lock & Left Coaster Step
1 & 2Step Right Behind Left, Step Left Back, Step Right Foot Slightly Back
3 & 4Step Left Foot Back, Step Right Foot Back By Left, Step Left Foot Forward
Right Side Rock Cross, Left Side Rock, Step Forward
5 & 6Rock Right To Right, Recover Left, Cross Right Over Left
7 & 8Rock Left To Left, Recover Right, Step Left Forward

Four Triple Steps Forward (With Full Turn & Dropping Left Hands, Raising Right Hands)
1 & 2Step Right Foot Forward, Step Left next to Right, Step Right Foot Forward
3 & 4Triple Left, Right, Left, While Turning 1/2 Right
5 & 6Triple Right, Left, Right, While Turning 1/2 Right
7 & 8Step Left Foot Forward, Step Right Next To Left, Step Left Foot Forward


Option: Just Do Four Triple Steps Forward



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