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Half a Shot of Tequila

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Julie Snailham (ES) - August 2019
Drunk by Jeanette Akua (Single 2.50 mins) 2:50mins
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Section 1: Prissy Walks x 2, Right mambo, Walks back x2, Coaster Cross
1-2Step forward on R (slightly crossing over L), step forward on L (slightly crossing over R)
3&4Rock forward on R, recover on L, step R next to L
5-6Step back on L, step back on R
7&8Step back on L, step back on R, cross L over R

Section 2: Rock, recover, behind side cross, rock, recover behind side forward, turning ¼ right
1-2Rock out on R to R side, recover on L
3&4Step R behind L, step L to L side, cross R over L
5-6Rock out on L to L side, recover on R
7&8Step L behind R, step R forward turning ¼ R, step forward on L
***RESTARTS WALL 2 (facing 6.00) & WALL 5 (facing 3.00) AFTER 16 COUNTS***

Section 3: Rock recover, shuffle ½ R, rock, recover shuffle ½ L
1-2Rock forward on R, recover on L
3&4Turning ½ R shuffle R-L-R
5-6Rock forward on L, recover on R
7&8Turning ½ L, shuffle L-R-L

Section 4: Rock, recover together, rock recover together, back, together, kick and step
1,2&Rock forward on R, recover on L, step R next to L
3,4&Rock forward on L, recover on R, step L next to R
5-6Step back R, step L next to R
7&8Kick R foot forward, step down on R, step forward on L

TAG (END OF WALL 7 – facing 9.00)
1-4Cross R over L, step L back, step R to R side turning ¼ R, step forward on L

Music and dance finish facing 6.00 step forward on R pivot ½ L to face 12.00 ta dah xxx

Thanks to Annemaree Sleeth for our late night/early morning chats and for the idea and inspiration to choreograph this dance for my beginner class xxx

Thank you for looking/teaching my dance
Any queries/questions please contact me at or via facebook



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