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Happy Hour

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Elaine Douris
Wrong Five O'Clock - Eric Heatherly
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1-2-3Kick right to right side, cross right behind left foot, step left foot to left foot side
4Cross right in front of left foot
5-6-7Repeat 1-3 as above starting with left foot
8Step forward on left foot
9-10Making ½ turn left foot step back on right, making ½ turn left foot step forward left foot
11-12Making ½ turn left foot step back on right, push right hip back and slap it with right hand
13-14-15With weight on right bump right hip back 3 times
16&Kick left foot forward landing on ball of left foot
17-18-19Cross right over left foot, snap fingers on the hold, unwind ½ turn left foot
20Snap fingers on the hold
21-22-23Cross left foot over right, snap fingers on the hold, unwind ½ turn right
24Snap fingers on the hold
25-26-27-28Kick right to right side, cross right behind left foot, while starting to make full turn left foot step on to left foot and spin for the rest of the turn, step in place with right
29-30-31-32Keeping left foot toe on the floor pop the left foot heel down to the right, left foot right, left foot taking the weight on count 32


When danced to most music, dance straight through from step 1-32. But when dancing to the Eric Heatherly track (Wrong 5 O'clock), there are a couple of very small changes on walls 4 & 9. On wall 4, there is an instrumental guitar solo. During these counts start the dance as normal, but only dance that wall from step 1-16& and then start the dance again. At the end of wall 8, while doing the heel pops, the singer is singing the words "Post his bail". After dancing count 32 there is a simple four count tag before starting wall 9

&1-2&3-4Jump forward right, left foot then clap, jump back right, left foot then clap.


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