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Happy Trails

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Claire Denney (CAN) - June 2017
Happy Trails - Roy Rogers
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Intro: 16 counts - Start on the word….’Trails’
Try dancing this to 110% if you can speed up the music.
This dance was choreographer as a cool down at the end of my beginner ‘Little Things Workshop’ June 11, 2017

Section 1: Lindy Right, Lindy Left
1 & 2Step right, Step left beside right, Step right
3 - 4Left back rock, Recover onto right
5 & 6Step left, Step right beside left, Step left
7 - 8Right back rock, Recover onto left

Section 2: Walk, Walk, Fwd Mambo, Back, Back, Left Coaster
1 - 2Right step forward, Left step forward
3 & 4Right rock fwd, Recover onto left, Right step beside left
5 - 6Left step back, Right step back
7 & 8Left step back, Right step beside left, Left step fwd

Section 3: Four Sets of Hip Bumps Making 1/2 Left Turn (6:00)
Option : Wave Good Bye during this section
1 & 2R.bump forward, L. back bump, R.bump forward
3 & 4Turn 1/4 left side and bump left, Bump right , Bump left 9:00
5 & 6Repeat 1 & 2
7 & 8Repeat 3 & 4 6:00

Section: 4 Forward, Right, Left, Clap, Back, Right Left, Clap, Big Step Right, Tap, Big Step Left, Tap
& 1 - 2Right step forward, Left step beside right, CLAP
& 3 - 4Right step back, Left step beside right, CLAP
5 - 6Big step right, Tap left behind right heel
7 - 8Big step left, Tap right behind left heel**

**The dances finishes front wall after 32 counts for a curtsy and wave.



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