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Heads and Tails

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Daniel Trepat (NL), Remco Zwijgers (NL), Ivonne Verhagen (NL), Jo Kinser (UK), John Kinser (UK) & Giuseppe Scaccianoce (IT) - May 2017
Heads Carolina, Tails California - Jo Dee Messina : (3:30)
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Intro : Start on the vocals 32 counts in

[1-8] Chasse Right, Chasse Left, X2 Kick Ball Change
1&2Rf step side, Lf close to Rf, Rf step side
3&4Lf step side, Rf close to Lf, Lf step side
5&6Rf kick forward, step on Rf, step on LF
7&8Rf kick forward, step on Rf, step on LF

[9-16] Step Side Right, Touch, 1/4 Turn Left & Step Side, Touch, Rocking Chair
1,2Rf step side, Lf touch next to Rf
3,4Lf 1/4 turn left (9:00), Rf touch next to left
5-8Rf rock forward, weight left, Rf rock back, weight left

[17-24] Right Heel Grind, Right Coaster Step, Cross, Side, Behind Side Cross
1,2Rf heel grind, weight left (1:00)
3&4Rf step back, Lf next to right, Rf step forward
5,6Lf cross over right, Rf step side right
7&8Lf step behind right, Rf step side right, Lf cross over right

[25-32] Step Side Right, Touch, Step Side Left, Touch, 1/4 Right, Scuff Left, Cross, Back, Back
1-4Rf step side right, Lf touch next to right, Lf step side left, Rf touch next to left
5,6,7Rf step forward 1/4 right (12:00), Lf Scuff forward, Lf cross over right
8&Rf step back, Lf step slightly back

[33-40] Cross, Hold, Behind, Hold, Forward Together, Hold, Heel Bounce X2
1,2Rf cross over left, hold
&3,4Lf step side left, Rf step behind left, hold
&5,6Lf step forward to left diagonal (11:00), Rf step next to left, hold
7,8Pop knees forward X2

[41-48] R&L Toe Struts Back, R Shuffle Back, L Rock Back
1-4Rf touch back, Drop heel, Lf touch back, Drop heel
5&6Rf step back, Lf step next to right, Rf step back
7,8Lf rock back, weight right
Replace 7,8 with 7&8 (7) Step Lf back, (&) Turn 1/8 turn right stepping Rf to right, (8) Lf cross over right

[49-56] Lf Forward Sweep R, Rf Forward Sweep L, Jazz Box 1/8 Turn, Cross
1-4Lf step forward, Sweep Rf from back to front, Rf step forward, Sweep Lf from back to front
5,6Lf cross over right, Rf step back and square up to (9:00)
7,8Lf step side left, Rf cross over left

[57-64] Shimmy Side Left, Forward, Touch/Clap, 1/4 Turn Side, Touch/Clap
1-4Lf step side left and Shimmy shoulders sliding Rf to left
5,6Rf step forward, Lf Touch next to right and Clap
7,8Lf 1/4 turn left stepping to side, Touch Rf next to left and Clap


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