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Heart Skips A Beat
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High Intermediate
Amy Glass (Sept 2012)
"Heart Skips A Beat" by Olly Murs (radio version) iTunes
Sequence: 64, 4, 48, 64, 4, 48, 40, 4, 64 (looks more intimidating than it actually is!)
Intro: Start dancing 16 counts after the first down beat

[1-8] Step R, Cross L Over R, 1 & ¼ Spiral Turn R, Shuffle Forward (R, L, R), Rock, ½ Turn Shuffle L
1Step side R
2Cross L over R
3Unwind 1 & ¼ R (3:00), transfer weight to L, hooking R over L
4&5Shuffle forward R, L, R
6,7Rock forward L, recover R
8&1½ turn L (9:00) while shuffling forward L, R, L

[9-16] Full Turn L, Rock, Recover ¼ Turn L, ½ Hinge Turn R, Behind and Cross
2,3Step back R while turning ½ L, step forward L turning ½ L
4Rock forward R
&5Recover L while turning ¼ L (6:00), cross R over L
6Step back L while turning ¼ R (9:00)
7Step side R while turning ¼ R (12:00)
8&1Step behind L, side R, cross L over R

[17-24] Press R, Behind and Cross, Press L, Behind and ¼ Turn R
&2(& - Quick tap R) press R at diagonal (1:30)
3Recover L
4&5Step R behind L, step side L, cross R over L
&6(& - Quick tap L) press L at diagonal (10:30)
7Recover R
8&1Step L behind R, step side R, step forward L while turning ¼ R (3:00)

[25-32] Rock Forward, Syncopated Step Back Lock R & L, Step Together
&2,3(& - Quick tap R) rock forward R, recover back L
4&5Step R, cross L over R, step slight side R
6&7Step L, cross R over L, step slight side L
8Step R next to L

[33-40] Press Back, Ball Press Back/Body Rolls Back x2, Swivel ½ L, ½ R, ½ L
1,2Press L slightly back, starting body roll back ending with weight L
&3,4Quick step R next to L, press L slightly back, starting body roll back ending with weight L
&5Quick step R next to L, press L slightly back ending with weight L
6,7,8Swivel: ½ L (9:00), swivel ½ R (3:00), swivel ½ L (9:00), weight forward on L

[41-48] Kick Ball Change R x2, R Hip Bumps, L Hip Bumps
1&2,3&4Right Kick ball change in place x2
5&6Step slightly forward R, hip bumps R, L, R
7&8Step slightly forward L, hip bumps L, R, L

[49-56] Kick & Point & Point, Hitch, Point, ¼ R Turn Sailor, Shuffle Forward
1&2Kick R, step R down, point L to L side
&3Step together L, point R to R side
&4Hitch right knee, point R to R side
5&6¼ R sailor (step R behind L, side L, forward R while turning ¼ R)
7&8Shuffle forward L, R, L

[57-64] ½ turn R, Side Rock Cross, Full 4-step Box Turn
1&2Rock R forward, recover back L, turn ½ R (6:00) stepping forward R
3&4Rock side L, recover R, cross L over R
5Step R side while turning ¼ L (3:00)
6Step L side while turning ¼ L (12:00)
7Step R side while turning ¼ L (9:00)
8Step L side while turning ¼ L (6:00)

Tag: 4 counts, following walls 1 & 3, (back wall) and before the Restart on wall 5 (front wall)
Funky Step Touches: traveling slightly back (take large steps when stepping side swiveling toes in same direction as step):
1&Step side R, touch L beside R
2&Step side L, touch R beside L
3&Step side R, touch L beside R
4&Step side L, touch R beside L

Restart on walls 2 and 4 following the hip bumps (counts 47 & 48: do the 2nd set of hip bumps L, R, L to 12:00)

Restart on wall 5, following count 40 (swivel ½ L, ½ R, ¼ L to 12:00 and do the 4-count tag)

1 In the first 8 counts, to eliminate the spiral 1 & ¼ turn:
Step side R (1), forward L (2), swivel ¼ R while hooking R over L (3), shuffle forward (4 & 5)
2 Body rolls can be eliminated or can be as pronounced as the dancer is comfortable

Listen to the music-it tells you what to do! Have fun!

Contact: Amy Glass - amyleeanne@gmail.com

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