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High Intermediate
Richard Palmer (UK) & Lorna Dennis (UK) - July 2015
Heaven - Derek Ryan : (Album: The Entertainer Live - iTunes)
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Intro – 18 counts (start on vocals) 2 Tags + 1 Tag/Restart

Section 1: Slide, Step-Together-Step, Cross-Rock, ¼ Turn, Forward Rock, ½ Turn, Step, Pivot ½ Turn, Step
1Slide R diagonally forward R
2 & 3Step L diagonally forward L, Step R behind L, Step L diagonally forward L
4 & 5Cross-Rock R over L, Recover onto L, Step R forward making a ¼ turn R (3 o'clock)
6 & 7Rock forward on L, Recover onto R, Step L forward making a ½ turn L (9 o'clock)
8 & 1Step R forward, Pivot ½ turn L, Step R forward (3 o'clock)

Section 2: Full Turn, Lunge, Back, &, Cross, Back, Side, Full Unwind, Press, Lift
2 &Make a full turn R on L, R (3 o'clock)
3Lunge forward on L
4 & 5Recover weight onto R, Step L Back, Cross-Step R over L
6 &Step L slightly back, Step R to R side,
7Cross L over R and unwind a full turn in place (weight ending on L) (3 o'clock)
8 &Press R to R side, Lift R foot (hitching slightly)

Section 3: Side, Cross-Rock, ¼ Turn, Pivot Full Turn, Sweeps Back X 2, Coaster Step, Forward
1Step R to R side
2 & 3Cross-Rock L over R, Recover onto R, Step L forward making a ¼ turn L (12 o'clock)
4 & 5Step R forward, Pivot full turn L, Step R back sweeping L back (12 o'clock)
6Step L back sweeping R back
7 & 8Step R back, Step L next to R, Step R forward
&Step L forward

Section 4: Rock, Recover, &, Cross-Rock, Recover, ¼ Turn, Pivot ½, Step ¼ Turn, Step, Back Rock, Ball, Change
1, 2&Rock R forward, Recover onto L, Step R next to L
3, 4&Cross-Rock L over R, Recover onto R, Step L forward making a ¼ turn L (9 o'clock)
5, 6&Step R forward pivoting ½ turn L, Step L forward making a ¼ turn L, Step R next to L (12 o'clock)
7, 8&Rock L back, Recover weight onto ball of R, Step L forward

Tags: 1 and 3 (4 counts)
This Tag is performed at the end of walls 1 and 4 (counting the tag/restart below as wall 3)(facing 12 o'clock)
1, 2&Step R to R side, Cross-Rock L over R, Recover onto R
3, 4&Step L to L side, Cross-Rock R over L, Recover onto L

Tag 2/Restart
This is danced at the end of wall 2 (facing 12 o'clock)
Begin wall 3 as normal, dancing the first 7 counts as scripted then perform the following variation/addition, beginning wall 4 immediately afterwards:
8 &Step R forward, Pivot ¾ turn L
1 – 2Sway R, Sway L

Last Update - 20th July 2015


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