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Heavenly Touch

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Intermediate NC
Alison Biggs (UK) & Peter Metelnick (UK) - March 2020
Angels - Robbie Williams
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Start after 8 count intro on the word ‘awake’ – 7secs approx. – 4mins 25secs – 75bpm

Music Available in all the usual places
Inspired after working with “Robbie” at the 2020 CBAs and also the feeling that JD has a guardian angel looking out for him after all his health issues over the past 4 years.

[1-9] L NC basic, R fwd, L fwd, ½ R pivot turn, ½ R & L back, run back into hook/lift, L fwd full turn with R sweep
1-2&3Step L side, rock R back, recover weight on L, step R forward
4&5Step L forward, pivot ½ right, continuing to turn another ½ right step L back (12 o’clock)
6&7Step R back, step L back, step R back hooking L across R ankle
8&1Step L forward (extended 5th), turning ½ left step R back, turning ½ left step L forward as you sweep R back to front
WALL 4 TAG/RESTART: During wall 4 dance first 9 counts and then add 3 counts: ¼ R Jazz box:
Cross R over L, step L back, turning ¼ right step R side to face front wall and begin again
WALL 11 ENDING: During wall 11 dance first 9 counts sweeping R back to front and turning an additional ¼ left on L to face front wall. Strike an angelic pose!

[10-16] R over, L side, R behind with L sweep, L behind, R side, L over, R side, ¼ L & L side, R over, L side rock/recover
2&3Cross step R over L, step L side, cross step R behind left as you sweep L front to back
4&5Cross step L behind R, step R side, cross step L over R
6&7Step R side, turning ¼ left step L side, cross step R over L (9 o’clock)
8&Rock L side, recover weight on R

[17-24] L cross rock/recover/side, R cross rock/recover/side, L ball cross into ¾ L turn fwd, L mambo (first 2 counts)
1-2&Cross rock L over R, recover weight on R, step L side
3-4&5Cross rock R over L, recover weight on L, step R side, cross step L over R
6&7Turning ¼ left step R back, turning ½ left step L forward, step R forward (12 o’clock)
8&Rock L forward, recover weight on R

[25-32] L back (complete mambo) with sweep, R back with sweep, L back with sweep, R coaster, L fwd, ¼ R pivot turn, L over, R side, L back rock/recover
1-3Step L back sweeping R front to back, step R back sweeping L front to back, step L back sweeping R front to back
4&5Step R back, step L together, step R forward
6&Step L forward, pivot ¼ right (3 o’clock)
7&8&Cross step L over R, step R side, rock L back, recover weight on R

WALL 2 TAG: At end of wall 2 facing back wall add 4 counts: Sway L, R, L, R, then begin dance again
WALL 9 TAG/RESTART: During wall 9 dance first 28 counts & begin dance again on front wall.
Musical cue for this is the instrumental section which starts on wall 8 facing L side wall and continues on wall 9 until the Restart facing front wall

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