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Maddison Glover (AUS) & Tom Glover (AUS) - January 2013
Everything But the Wings - Alan Jackson : (Album: Thirty Miles West)
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1,2&34&Step R back dragging L towards R, Step L back, Step R together, Step/rock fwd onto L, Replace weight onto R, Make ½ turn over L stepping L fwd ( 6:00 )
5,6&7,8&Turn ¼ L stepping/rock R to R side, Replace weight onto L, Cross R over L, Step L to L side dragging R towards L, Step R behind L, turn ¼ L stepping L fwd. ( 12:00 )

1,2&3,4&* travelling backwards * Hitch R knee slightly as you cross R over L, Step L back, Step R back on R diagonal ( angle shoulders ), cross L over R, Step R back as you square up to the front, make ½ turn over L stepping L fwd. ( 6:00)
5,6&78Step R fwd, Pivot ½ turn over L (slow), Step R together, Rock fwd on L fwd, Step R back whilst sweeping L foot around (12:00)

1&2,3&4&Step L behind R, Step R to R side, Cross L over R sweeping R around, Cross R over L, Turn 1/8 R ( R Diagonal) as you step back onto L, Make ½ turn over R stepping R fwd ( still on diagonal ), Step L together. (7:30)
5,6,7,8&Step R fwd, Hitch L knee slightly turning 1/8 R to square up stepping L fwd, walk R fwd , Step L fwd, R together (9:00)

1,2,3&4&Step L back, make ½ turn over R stepping R fwd, make ½ turn over R stepping L back, make ½ turn over R hooking R across L shin, Step R fwd, step L together. (3:00)

Restart : During the fourth sequence, restart the dance again after count 24. Replace counts 24& ( step L fwd, R together) by stepping L fwd on count 24. Start again facing (6:00)

Tag : At the end of the sixth sequence facing 12:00, add a four count tag .
1,2,&3,4&Step/rock back onto R, replace weight onto L, step R together beside L, Step/rock fwd onto L, replace weight onto R, step L together beside R .

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