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1-2 Kick Right Leg to Right Side while lifting Left side of Rib cage; Bring Right knee into open hitch position, while dropping Left side of Rib cage and lifting Right side of Rib cage
3&4 Right Sailor Shuffle
5&6 Left Sailor Shuffle, making ¼ turn Left on “&” count, stepping forward on Count 6
7-8 Kick Right foot forward; Bending at knee, push Right foot back and pulse chest forward

1-2& Step forward on Right foot; Pivot ½ turn Left; Make ½ turn Left on Left foot
3&4 Touch Right foot to Right side; Touch Right foot to center; Touch Right foot to Right side
5&6 Kick Right foot forward; Angling 1/8 to Right, Step Right foot to center; Touch Left foot to Left side (from this point on, you will be on diagonals until Count 3 in the last section of 8)
7&8 Kick Left foot forward; Bring Left foot to center, putting weight on balls of both feet, heels off floor and knees bent; Drop heels to floor shifting weight to Left foot, knees bent

1 - 2 Take exaggerated step forward with Right foot into crouched position; Hitch Left leg next to Right, rotating ¼ to Left
3&4 Triple forward L,R,L
5-6 Step Right foot forward; Pivot ½ to Left
7&8 Triple forward R,L,R

1-2 Step Left foot forward; Pivot ½ turn Right
3-4 Make 1/8 turn Right, stepping Left foot to Left side; From waist up, Torque (twist) body to Left
5-6 Relaxing torque, make ¼ turn Right, stepping on Right foot; Continue rotating ¾ turn to Right on Right foot
7-8 Arching your back, point Left foot out to Left side to stop rotation; Step Left foot across and in front of Right, landing on bent leg




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