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Lam Lam (HK-China, Oct 2015)
Hello by Adele (4:33min)
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Intro: Starts on vocals - Sequence : 80, 72, 48, 64, 32, 65 end.

(1-8) Walk L diagonal left, Pivot 1/2L Fwd, 1+1/8 Turn R, Back Rock 1/4R, Pivot 1/2R
1Walk L fwd diagonal left (1) (1:30)
2&3Step R fwd(2), pivot 1/2L(&), Step R fwd(3) (4:30)
4&51/2R step back on L(4), 1/2R step R fwd(&), 1/8R Step L to side(5) (6:00)
6&7Rock back on R(6), Recover on L(&), 1/4R Step R fwd (7) (9:00)
&8Step L fwd(&), pivot 1/2R (8) (3:00)

(9-16) Paddle 1/4R, Cross, Side ,1/8L Back, Back, 3/8L Fwd Rock 1/4L, Nightclub Pencil 3/4R, Step & Drag
&1Step L fwd (&), Pivot 1/4R (1) (6:00)
2&3&Cross L over R(2), Step R to side(&), 1/8L Step back on L, R (3&) (4:30)
4&5Make 3/8L Rock fwd on L(4), Recover on R(&), 1/4L Step L to side(5) (9:00)
6&7Step R close to L(6), Cross L over R (&), 1/4R Step fwd on R bringing Lf beside Rf for further 1/2 turn R(7) (6:00)
8Step L fwd & drag R towards L (8) (6:00)

(17-24) Back Sweep X 2, Sailor Cross, Side Hinge 1/2R side,Scissor Cross, Side Rock Cross
1 2Step Back on R, L with sweep(1,2)
3&4Step R behind L(3), Step L to side(&), Cross R over L (4)
&5Step L to side & hinge 1/2 turn R (&), Step R to side(5) (12:00)
6&7Step L to side(6), StepR together(&), Cross L over R(7)
&8&Rock R to side(&), Recoveron L(8), Cross R over L(&) (12:00)

(25-32) Back Sweep,1/4L Sailor Fwd, Back 1/2R Fwd, Pivot 1/2L, 1/2L, Back Rock
1 2&3Step back on L sweeping RF backward (1), Step R behind L(2), 1/4L Step L fwd (&), Rock fwd on R(3) (9:00)
4&5Recover weight back on L(4), 1/2R Step R fwd(&), Step L fwd(5)(3:00)
6&7Step R fwd(6), pivot 1/2L Step fwd on L(&), 1/2L Step back on R(7) (3:00)
8&Rock back on L(8), Recover on R(&) (3:00)
(Tag/Restart here on Wall 5, Change the last 2 counts to Step R fwd (7), Make 1/4 Turn R bringing Lf next to Rf(8),walk L fwd diagonal left ,4:30, to start count 1, )

(33-40) 1/2R, 1/4R side cross side, Back Rock , SpiralFull Turn R, Step & Sway L,R
1 2&31/2R Step back on L (1), 1/4R Step R to side(2), Cross L over R(&), Step R to Side (3) (12:00)
4&5Rock back on L(4), recover on R (&), Step L fwd spiral full turn R(5),
6 7 8Step R fwd & drag L towards R(6),Sway L, R, to side (7,8) (12:00)

(41-48) 1/4R, 1/2R Pivot 1/2R, Step 3/4L, Nightclub Sway R L
1 2&31/4R Step back on L(1), 1/2R Step R fwd(2), Step L fwd(&), Pivot 1/2R(3)
4&5Step L fwd(4), 1/2L Step back on R(&), 1/4L Step L to side(5)
6&7 8Step R close to L(6), Cross L over R(&), Sway R, Lto side(7,8) (6:00)
(Restart here on Wall 3, Drag L towards R on count 8, facing 6:00))

(49-56) 1/4L, 1/2L Pivot 1/2L, Step 3/4R, Nightclub Sway L,R
1 2&31/4L Step back on R(1), 1/2L Step L fwd(2),Step R fwd(&), Pivot 1/2L (3) (3:00)
4&5Step R fwd(4), 1/2R Step L back(&), 1/4R Step R to side(5)
6&7 8Step L close to R(6), Cross R over L(&), Sway L, R to side (7,8)(12:00)

(57-64) Lunge with Full Turn R & side, Sailor Cross Rock Side, Cross Rock 1/4L
1 2 3Lunge/Rock L to side(1), Recover making full turn R on ball of Rf(2), Step L to side (3)(12:00)
4&5Step R behind L(4), Step L to side (&), Cross rock R over L (5)
6&7Recover on L(6), Step R to side(&), Cross Rock L over R(7)
8&Recover on R(8), 1/4L Step L fwd(&)(9:00)
(Restart here on Wall 4 after count 8, facing 6:00)

(65-72) 1/4L, Back Rock, Side Rock, Cross Side, Back RockSide, Behind Touch L
1 2&1/4L Step R to side(1), Rock Back on L(2), Recover weight fwd on R(&)
3&Rock L to side(3), Recover on R(&)
4&5Cross L over R(4), Step R to side(&), Rock back on L(5),
6&7 8Recover weight fwd on R(6), Step L to side(&), Step R behind L(7), Touch L to Left side(8) (6:00)
(Restart here on Wall 2, facing12:00)

(73-80) 1/4L Walk Fwd LRL, 1+1/2 Turn R, Pivot 3/4R Sway LR
1 2 31/4L Walk Fwd on LRL (1,2,3) (3:00)
4&5Pivot 1/2R Step fwd on R(4), 1/2R Step back on L(&), 1/2R Step fwd on R(5)
6&7 8Step L fwd(6), pivot 3/4R (&), Step L to side & Sway L (7), Sway R(8)(6:00)

( 05:48:56)


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