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Her Memory

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Vivienne Scott (CAN) - January 2015
Talkin' To Her Memory Again by Mike Cowan. CD: Easy Chair
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#16 count intro

Section 1: Back Rock, Shuffle 1/2 Turn (x 2)
1 – 2Rock back on right. Recover onto left.
3 & 4Shuffle step 1/2 turn left, stepping - right, left, right.
5 – 6Rock back on left. Recover onto right.
7 & 8Shuffle step 1/2 turn right, stepping - left, right, left. (12:00)

Section 2: Back Rock, Side Rock, Forward Rock, Point, Flick
1 – 4Rock back on right. Recover onto left. Rock right to right side. Recover onto left.
5 – 6Rock forward on right. Recover onto left.
7 – 8Point right to right side. Flick right behind left.
Styling Option Count 7: Point both hands down and towards right side.
Count 8: Raise hands and rotate them in a half circle, anticlockwise.

Section 3: Grapevine Right With Heel Touch, Grapevine Left 1/4 Turn With Brush
1 – 2Step right to right side. Cross left behind right.
3 – 4Step right to side. Touch left heel forward on left diagonal.
5 – 6Step left to left side. Cross right behind left.
7 – 8Turn 1/4 left and step left forward. Brush right beside left. (9:00)

Section 4: Cross, Side Rock, Brush, Cross, Side Rock, Touch
1 – 4Cross right over left. Rock left to side. Recover onto right. Brush left beside right.
5 – 8Cross left over right. Rock right to side. Recover onto left. Touch right beside left.

Section 5: Monterey 1/4 Turn x 2
1 – 2Point right to side. Turn 1/4 right on ball of left and step right beside left.
3 – 4Point left to side. Step left beside right.
5 – 6Point right to side. Turn 1/4 right on ball of left and step right beside left.
7 – 8Point left to side. Step left beside right. (3:00)

Section 6: Kick Ball Step, Forward Rock, Full Turn, Back, Touch
1 & 2Kick right forward. Step right beside left. Step left forward.
3 – 4Rock forward on right. Recover onto left.
5 – 6Turn 1/2 right and step right forward. Turn 1/2 right and step left back. (3:00)
Option Counts 5 – 6: Walk back, right left.
7 – 8Step right back. Touch left toe across right.
Styling Option Counts 7 – 8: Dip down on step back. Touch.

Section 7: Forward Lock Step With Sweep, Jazz Box 1/4 Turn
1 – 4Step left forward. Lock right behind left. Step left forward. Sweep right out and to front.
5 – 6Cross right over left. Turn 1/4 right and step left back. (6:00)
7 – 8Step right to right side. Step left forward.

Section 8: Step, Hold, Ball Step, Together, Diagonal Back Step Touch x 2
1 – 2Step right forward. Hold.
& 3 – 4Step ball of left beside right. Step right forward. Step left beside right.
5 – 6Step right back on right diagonal. Touch left beside right and clap.
7 – 8Step left back on left diagonal. Touch right beside left and clap.

Ending Section 3, Count 8: Touch Right Heel Forward (in place of Brush) and at same time:
Look over left shoulder towards front, left arm stretched forward, right arm stretched up above head - and pose!


dancinggoan February 26, 2015
Nice one Vivienne. Will try this at WW.

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