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Here We Go, La Copa de la Vida

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Kari McHugh Kyriakos (USA) - June 2021
La Copa De La Vida - Ricky Martin
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Count In: Don't start counting till after he says, "Do you really want it?" three times.
Thereafter, when the music starts, count to 16 then start dancing on, "Go, go, go, ..."

*Tag: Do after Wall 4 and before starting pattern on Wall 5 (i.e. when facing 12:00 for the second time)
*8-Counts Total: Double Hip Bumps R (1&2), Double Hips L (3&4); Single Hip Bumps R(5),L(6),R(7),L(8)

Optional Finish for Ending, So That You Will End Facing the Starting Wall Instead of 3:00:
The last pattern will start facing 12:00. Dance the pattern fully except don't turn the last move which is the quarter-right-turning triple step. Instead, just do that triple moving forward while opening both arms fully to the sides and parallel with the floor i.e. shuffle forward with outstretched arms - ta da!
The ending is very noticeable as the music will be fading.

Sec. 1 (1-8) Weave R 4x; Side Step, Hold (with optional shimmies), Tap, Clap
1 2 3 4Step R to R, Step L Behind R, Step R to R, Step L Forward Across R;
5 6Step R to R (5), Hold (6) (can do two shoulder shimmies simultaneously to R during the Step, Hold)
7 8Touch L Beside R, Clap.

Sec. 2 (9-16) Weave L 4x; Side Step, Hold (with optional shimmies), Tap, Clap
1 2 3 4Step L to L, Step R behind L, Step L to L, Step R Forward Across L;
5 6Step L to L, Hold (can do two shoulder shimmies simultaneously to L)
7 8Touch R Beside L, Clap.

Sec. 3 (17-24) 2 Cross Points Forward; Walk Back 4
1 2 3 4Step R Forward & Across L, Point L to L, Cross Step L over R, Point R to R;
5 6 7 8Step Back R, Step Back L, Step Back R, Step Back L.

Sec. 4 (25-32) Jump-Clap, Straddle-Jump-Clap; Shuffle Forward, Triple 1/4 R
&1 2Step R Forward(&), Step L Together(1), Clap (2)
&3 4Step R Forward and To R (&), Step L Forward and to L (3), Clap (4)
5&6Step R Forward(5), Step L Beside R(&), Step R Forward(6)
7&8Turn Quarter Right to Step L Beside R (7), Step R Beside L(&), Step L Beside R(8)

See above fore Optional Finish and Tag

Have fun!


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