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Hey, Hey, All Right (GONNA)

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Candee Seger (Jan. 2016)
"Gonna" by Blake Shelton (Bringing Back The Sunshine)
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#32 count intro:

S1. Triple forward, rock, recover, step, coaster, kick-ball-change
1&2: Step R forward, L next to R, R forward
3&4: Rock L forward, Recover onto R, step L next to R
5&6: Step R back, L next to R, step R forward
7&8: Kick L forward, step on L next R, step R next to L (12:00)

S2. Skate L,R, triple L, cross rock (2x)
1,2: Skate L to L, skate R to R
3&4: Step L to L, step R next to L, step L to L
5&6: Cross rock R over L, recover onto L, step R to R
*Styling Option: lift knee higher on first verse
7&8: Cross rock L over R, recover onto R, step L next to R (12:00)
*Restart here on 2nd wall

S3. Hip bump turn, 1/2 turn, side rock cross, step, walk 2x
1&2: Step on RF forward and push R hip forward, push L hip back, push R hip forward
3&4: Turn ½ L, pushing L hip forward, push R hip back, push L hip forward (6:00)
5&6&: Rock R to R, recover on L, cross R over L, step L slightly diagonally forward
7,8: Walk forward R, L (6:00)
•Put hands up with hip bumps (“Hey, hey, all right”) for styling

S4. V step, full reverse paddle turn
1,2: Step R forward to R diagonal, step L to L
3,4: Step R to center home, step L next to R (6:00)
(Keeping weight on L)
5&: Turn ¼ R pushing R shoulder back, Touch R to R (9:00)
6&: Turn ¼ R pushing R shoulder back, Touch R to R (12:00)
7&: Turn ¼ R pushing R shoulder back, Touch R to R (3:00)
8&: Turn ¼ R pushing R shoulder back, Touch R to R (6:00)

*Restart is on 2nd wall after 16 counts (facing 12:00 o’clock)

At the end of the song, paddle 1/2 turn, rather than a full turn to end at the front (12:00)

Entry in the 2016 Choreography



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