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Hey Ho

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Micaela Svensson Erlandsson (SWE) - March 2016
The One for Me - Brendan Quinn
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intro 16 counts.

Section 1: Heel. Toe. Right forward Shuffle. Heel. Toe. Left forward Shuffle.
1-2Touch right heel forward. Touch right toe back.
3&4Step right forward. Close left beside right. Step right forward.
5-6Touch left heel forward. Touch left toe back.
7&8Step left forward. Close right beside left. Step left forward.
Restart here: on wall 6 facing 3 O'clock

Section 2: Rock Step. Sailor 1/4 turn right. Step. 1/2 Turn right. Shuffle 1/2 turn right.
1-2Rock forward on right recover onto left.
3&4Step right behind left. Turn 1/4 right rocking left to left. Recover onto right.
5-6Step forward on left. Turn 1/2 right.
7&8Shuffle 1/2 turn forward over right shoulder stepping left, right, left.

Section 3: Back. Back. Coaster Step. Out. Out. Heel &Toe.
1-2Step back on right. Step back on left.
3&4Step back on right. Step left beside right. Step forward on right.
5-6Step left out to left side. Step right out to right side.
7&8Touch left heel forward. Step left in place. Touch right toe in place.

Section 4: Right Rolling Vine. Touch & Clap. Left Rolling Vine. Touch & Clap.
1-2Step right 1/4 turn right. Make 1/2 turn right stepping back left.
3-4Make 1/4 turn right stepping right to right side. Touch left in place & Clap.
5-6Step left 1/4 turn left. Make 1/2 turn left stepping back right.
7-8Make 1/4 turn left stepping left to left side. Touch right in place & Clap.

Optional Ending: On the last wall (11, facing 3 O' clock) Replace the last 1/4 turn of the left Rolling Vine with a 1/2 turn left to face front wall.

Last Update - 30th March 2016


Joey March 30, 2016
Section 3. 7&8 says touch toe but heading says heel and toe. Need correction.

Micaela March 30, 2016
Thank you for lettning me know.
I have now informed Copperknob as well as Linedancerweb and am waiting for them to amend my error ��

WillB April 8, 2016
Very cute and an awesome response from the dancing community. Nice job Micaela! :-)

Micaela April 9, 2016
Thank you very much WillB ��

Dansen April 18, 2016
Congratulations Micaela !! I dance it already !!

Beverly66 May 2, 2017
Love it!

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