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Roy Verdonk (NL) & Amy Glass (USA) - October 2016
Intro: 32 counts; Sequence: 32, Tag, 32, 32, Tag, 16, 32, 32, Tag, 32, 32, 32, Tag

[1-8] Slow Walks x2, Jazz with ¼ R
1-2Slow walk forward R
3-4Slow walk forward L
5-6-7-8Cross RF over LF, Turn ¼ R stepping back on LF, Step RF to R, Step LF forward (3:00)

[9-16] Modified K Step to R Diagonals with Shimmy
1-2Step RF to R forward and slightly to diagonal (angle body toward 12:00), Touch LF next to RF
3-4Step LF to center, Touch RF next to LF
5-6Step RF to R back only slightly to diagonal (angle body toward 6:00), Touch LF next to RF
Add a shoulder shimmy as stepping back on R
7-8Step LF to center, Touch RF next to LF
Restart Wall 4, facing 12:00 when restart occurs

[17-24] Point, Touch, Step, Drag, L Sailor with ½ L, Step
1-2Point RF to R, Touch RF next to LF
3-4Step RF to R, Drag LF next to RF
5-6Step LF behind RF, Step RF to R side
7-8Step forward on LF turning ¼ L (12:00), Step RF to R turning ¼ L (9:00)

[25-32] Rock Back, Recover, Side, Hold, Step Pivot ½ L, Knee Roll R, L
1-2Rock LF behind RF , Recover weight on RF
3-4Step LF to L side, Hold
5-6Step forward on RF, Pivot ½ L (3:00)
7-8Step RF out rolling R knee out, Step LF out rolling L knee out

TAG 16 Counts following walls 1, 3, 6 & 9
[1-8] Weave R, Slow Scissor R
1-2-3-4Step RF to R, Step LF behind RF, Step RF to R side, Cross LF over RF
5-6Step RF to R side, Hold
7-8Step LF next to RF, Cross RF over LF

[9-16] Weave L, Roll Hips Counterclockwise
1-2-3-4Step LF to L side, Step RF behind LF, Step LF to L side, Cross RF over LF
5-6Step LF to L side, Hold
7-8Roll hips counterclockwise ending with weight on LF

Have fun!

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Last Update - 8th Nov 2016


dancer33 November 5, 2016
Fab fab fab def teach for me just love this dance

Happy Feeet November 8, 2016
Fun music to a very doable choreography. Perfect for our improvers' class. But to add the seductive moves will require a higher level of attitude ;-)

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