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Hick-Hop (cricket)

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Beginner Plus
Christopher Petre (USA) - February 2011
Cricket On a Line (feat. Rhett Akins) - Colt Ford : (CD: Chicken & Biscuits)
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[1-8] R Shuffle, L Heel grind ¼ L, L Coaster Step, R Step Forward, L Touch
1,2Shuffle forward R, L, R
3,4Touch left heel forward, while placing WEIGHT on left heel turn ¼ left (9:00) stepping back on R
5&6Step back on L, step together on R, step forward L
7,8Take a large step forward on R, slide L up to touch next to R keeping WEIGHT on R

[9-16] Side Shuffle, Stamp, Turn ¼ R Kick, R Coaster, Step, Kick
1&2Shuffle to left side L, R, L
3,4Stamp (no WEIGHT) R next to L, turn ¼ right (12:00) and kick R forward
5&6Step back on R, step together on L, step forward R
7,8Take a large step forward on L, kick R forward

[17-24] ¼ R Step-Together and Hip Bumps, ½ L Step-Together and Hip Bumps
1,2Turn ¼ right (3:00) stepping R to right side, step together on L
3&4Bump hips R, L, R (weight ends on R)
5,6Turn ½ left (9:00) stepping onto L, step together on R
7&8Bump Hips L, R, L (weight ends on L)

[25-32] Shuffle R Back, Shuffle L ½ L, Step, Pivot Turn, Walk, Walk (or Traveling 2-step Full Turn)
1&2Shuffle back R, L, R
3&4Turning ½ left (3:00) shuffle L, R, L
5,6Step forward on the R, turn ½ left (9:00) stepping forward on L
7,8Walk forward R, L
Or option: turn ½ LEFT (3:00) step back on right foot, then turn ½ LEFT stepping forward on left foot

Repeat -


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