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High Cotton

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Niels Poulsen (DK) - October 2013
High Cotton - Alabama : (iTunes)
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Note: A big THANK YOU to Jo Thompson for her input to this dance.

Intro: 26 counts from first beat in music (app. 18 secs. into track). Weight on L foot

[1 – 8] Walk R and L, R rocking chair, step ¼ L, extended crossing heel shuffle
1 – 2Walk fwd on R (1), walk fwd on L (2) [12:00]
3&4&Rock fwd on R (3), recover back on L (&), rock back on R (4), recover fwd on L (&)
5&Step fwd on R (5), turn ¼ L stepping onto L (&) [9:00]
6&7&8Cross R heel over L (6), step L a small step to L side (&), cross R heel over L (7), step L a small step to L side (&), cross R over L (8)

[9 – 16] L scissor step, ½ rumba box, L next to R, walk fwd R and L, run R L R
1&2Step L to L side (1), step R slightly behind L (&), cross L over R (2)
3&4&Step R to R side (3), step L next to R (&), step fwd on R (4), step L next to R (&) * Restart here on wall 4
5 – 6Walk fwd on R (5), walk fwd on L (6)
7&8Run fwd on R (7), run fwd on L (&), run fwd on R (8)

[17 – 24] L mambo step fwd, full turn R with claps, R coaster cross, L chasse
1&2Rock fwd on L (1), recover back on R (&), step back on L (2)
3&4&Turn ½ R stepping R fwd (3), clap hands (&), turn ½ R stepping L back (4), clap hands (&) – non-turny option: walk back R and L with claps in between
5&6Step back on R (5), step L next to R (&), cross R over L (6)
7&8Step L to L side (7), step R next to L (&), step L to L side (8)

[25 – 32] 2 heel switches, R heel hook heel, R vine, cross, big side step R, L together pop!
1&2&Touch R heel fwd (1), step R next to L (&), touch L heel fwd (2), step L next to R (&)
3&4Touch R heel fwd (3), hook R foot in front of L shin (&), touch R heel fwd (4)
5&6&Step R to R side (5), cross L behind R (&), step R to R side (6), cross L over R (&)
7 – 8Step R a big step to R side (7), slide and then step L next to R popping R knee fwd (8) [9:00]

Start again

Restart: On 4th wall (starts facing 3:00), after 12 counts, now facing 12:00.

Fun option! On wall 7, which starts facing 6:00, the beats are particularly strong on counts 5-8 in the 2nd section (facing 3:00).
Rather than doing your 2 walks and 3 runs you now run fwd on counts 5&6&7&8 hitting the strong beats in the music. ? [3:00]

Ending: To hit the last beat in the music do the following: Finish your 8th wall (now facing 12:00).
There are only a few beats left in the music.
The music slows down but follow the original speed of the music doing the first 4 counts of the dance,
then walk walk R fwd (5), walk L fwd (6), shuffle fwd R L R finishing with a R stomp fwd on count 8 (7&8)?


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