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High Off UR Vibe

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Amy Spencer (USA), Adam Berman (USA), Kerri Uttaro & Roberto Corporan (USA) - January 2011
You're Makin' Me High - Toni Braxton
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Intro: Dance starts after 32 counts of solid instruments (on the vocals), weight on left

Ball Walk Walk, Sexy Walk Sexy Walk, Step Step, Knee Melt, Twist Knee Out Then In
&12Press ball of right foot back, step frwd left, step frwd right
3-4With sexy styling slightly cross left over right, then right over left walking frwd
&5Open up the feet stepping left to left then right to right (place hands on outer thighs)
6-7Slowly collapse the right knee inward as you lower down and arms trace legs from the outside thigh to inside the knees
&8Using hand push right knee open and collapse inward again (weight changes to right)

Leap Touch Body Roll, Leap Step 1 ¼ Turn Jump Open, 3 Hip Swings Right Left Right
&12Leap onto the left foot, touch right to right side, body rolls top to bottom
&34Leap onto the left foot, step right making 1¼ turn right
5Jump feet open and reach right arm straight up
6-7Hip swings right(right arm shifts right) hip swings left(right hand crosses to left shoulder)
8Hip swings left (right arm drops down and out by right hip)
Alternate styling on 6-8 is to have the right arm swing out then trace the back of the head and down the side of the body

2 Body Rolls, Behind Side Cross Step, Step Hitch ¼ Turn, Step ½ Turn, Leap Step Body Roll
1-2Body rolls quickly from chest down to hip keeping weight on the right foot
3&4Step left behind right, step open with right, step left across
5&6Step right foot to right making ¼ turn, hitch left while making ½ turn to the right, step down on left next to right
&78Leap slightly back on right foot, step frwd with left, body roll from hips to shoulders

Ball Step Cross, Hitch Cross Unwind With Sweep, Behind Step, Open Step, Swivel Swivel ¼ Turn
&12Press ball of right foot open to right side, step left in place, cross step right over left
&3Hinge left knee up then drop left across right
4-5Unwind making full turn right, during turn release right foot in a sweep motion (ronde’)
&6Continue motion of sweep and place right behind left, step open with left foot
7-8Swivel heels to right, swivel heels to left and make ¼ turn right

No Tags And No Restarts!!!

This dance is about using the body and feeling the music. ENJOY!


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