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High on Country

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Kathryn Rowlands (WLS) - October 2016
High on a Country Song - Sam Riggs
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Intro: 32 counts

[1-8] Step, Scuff, Brush x2, Shuffle, Pivot Turn
1-2-3-4Right foot step forward, scuff left heel forward, brush left toe across right foot, brush forward
5&6Left foot step forward, step right beside left, step left forward
7-8Right foot step forward, turn ½ left [ending weight on left] [6:00]

[9-16] Cross-Rock, Side Shuffle, Cross Rock, Coaster
1-2Right foot rock across left, recover on left
3&4Right foot step to right side, left step beside right, right to right side
5-6Left foot rock across right, recover on right
7&8Left foot step back, right step beside left, left step forward [6:00]

[17-24] Step, Kick, Step, Touch, Pivot Turn x2
1-2Right foot step forward, kick left forward [small kick]
3-4Left foot step back, right foot touch back
5-6Right foot step forward, turn ½ left [ending weight on left] [12:00]
7-8Right foot step forward, turn ¼ left [ending weight on left [9:00]

[25-32] Step, Scuff, Pivot turn, Slow Mambo, Cross-Touch{clap}
1-2Right foot step forward, scuff left heel forward
3-4Left foot step forward, turn ½ right on balls of feet [ending weight on right]
5-6Left foot rock forward, recover on right
7-8Left foot step back, touch right toe across front of left foot, clap [3:00]

Begin again.


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