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Hip on The Floor

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Karen Hadley (UK)
On the Floor - Jennifer Lopez
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Alt Music: “On The Floor (CCW Radio Edit)” by Jennifer Lopez Ft. Pitbull (64 count intro)
Note:- This dance has been choreographed to give Beginners a split floor option to any of the dances choreographed to the various versions of this song, for this reason I haven’t included any tags or restarts, so dance across the phrasing!

48 count intro

Two Walks Forward (RIGHT, LEFT). Right Shuffle Forward. Left Forward Rock. Left Back-Lock-Step.
1 – 2Walk forward:- Right, Left.
3 & 4Right shuffle forward, stepping:- Right, Left, Right.
5 – 6Rock forward on Right, rock back on Left in place.
7 & 8Step back on Left, lock Right across Left, step back on Left.

Right Side Rock-Recover (Sways). Chasse Right. Left Cross Rock. Chasse Left.
1 – 2Rock Right to Right side swaying hips to Right, rock on Left in place swaying hips to Left.
3 & 4Step Right to Right side, step Left beside Right, step Right to Right side.
5 - 6Cross rock Left over Right, rock on Right in place.
7 & 8Step Left to Left side, step Right beside Left, step Left to Left side.

Right Cross. Back. Together. Step Left. Right Rocking Chair.
1 - 4Cross step Right over Left, step back on Left pushing hips back, step Right beside Left, step forward on Left.
5 - 8Rocking forward on Right, rock back on Left in place, rock back on Right, rock forward on Left in place.

Step Pivot ¼ Turn Left x 3. Jazz Jump Forward. Clap.
1 – 2Step forward on Right, pivot ¼ turn Left (weight on Left).
3 – 6Repeat steps 1 – 2 two more times.
&7 - 8Step forward on Right, step forward on Left (feet slightly apart), hold & clap.

Begin Again & Enjoy!


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