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Shaz Walton (UK) & Kara-Leah Lightfoot - May 2015
Show Me How You Burlesque - Christina Aguilera
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#64 count Intro

S1: Side. Behind. Side. Rock. Recover. Rock. Side rock. Recover. 1/4. Full turn Right.
1&2Step right to side, Cross left behind, step right to side
3&4Cross rock left over right foot, Recover weight onto right, step left across right.
5&6Rock Right foot out to side, Recover weight onto left making¼ turn left, Step right forward.
7&8Rolling full turn forward Right stepping left, right, left.

S2: Step. Brush. Step. Brush. Rock. Recover. Step back. Walk back x2. Sailor 1/4 left.
1&2&Step forward right, brush left, Step forward left, brush right (SHIMMEY!)
3&4Rock forward onto right, recover weigh onto left, Step right foot back.
5-6Step left foot back, Step right foot back
7&8Sweep left behind right making ¼ turn left, step right to side, step left to left side.

S3: Jazz box. Toe. Heel. Step. Toe. Heel. Step.
1-2Step right over left, step left foot back.
3-4Step right to side, step left foot forward.
5&6Touch right toe to left heel, touch right heel to left heel, step right foot forward.
7&8Touch left toe to right heel, touch left heel to right heel, Step left foot forward.

S4: Dip. Step. Chasse 1/4. Step. 1/2 Pivot. Triple R-L-R
1-2Step right to side, (dip/shimmy shoulders) bring left next to right.
3&4Step right to side, step left next to right, step right to side making ¼ turn right.
5-6Step left forward, Pivot 1/2 turn to right.
7&8rolling triple turn forward Right, stepping Right, left, Right.(Dance ends here, make an additional 1/4 turn right & POSE! )

S5: Stomp. Click x2. Hitch. Coaster step. Stomp. Click x2. Hitch. Sailor 1/4 left.
1&2&Stomp right foot forward (no weight) Click fingers twice. Hitch right knee.
3&4Step back right. Step back left. Step right forward.
5&6&Stomp left foot forward (no weight) Click fingers twice. Hitch left knee.
7&8Cross step left behind right making a 1/4 turn left. Step right to right. Step left to left. **restart on wall 2 **

S6: Heel Grind. Walk back x2. Step. Step 1/2 pivot. 1/4 turn. Jump.
1-2Dig right heel forward with toes pointing to left diagonal. Turn toes to right diagonal as you step left slightly back.
3-4Step back right. Step back left.
5-6Step forward right. Step forward left.
7-8Make 1/2 pivot turn right. Make 1/4 turn right as you make a small jump with feet together.

S7: Behind. Side. Cross. 1/4 right. Touch. Swivel right. Swivel left.
1&2Cross step right behind left. Step left to left side. Cross step right over left.
3-4Make 1/4 right stepping back left. touch right beside left. *restart on wall 1 *
5&6Swivel heels - Right-Left-Right
7&8Swivel heels - Left-Right-Left

S8: Walk. Walk. 1/2 Pivot. Side. Cross. Back. Side. Cross. Touch.
1-2Walk forward right. walk forward left.
3-4Make 1/2 turn right. Step left to left side.
5-6Cross step right over left. Step back on left.
&7-8Step right to right side. Cross step left over right. Touch right beside left.


Restarts –
Wall 1 after count 52
Wall 2 after count 40 (Both facing 12 O Clock. )

TAG- At the end of wall 5 facing the front- 4 count HOLD-
Or do something Burlesque x then start the dance again from the beginning. x

Contact: - 07762 410 190

Last Update – 11th June 2015


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