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Hola Hola

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Mike Kruger (USA) - June 2020
Hola by Flo Rida
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Intro: 16 counts into music, on the word Hola. – 1 Restart. (wall 3)

[1-8] Skate Steps RL, R Step-Lock, ½ Heel Grind, L Coaster Step.
1-2Skate R diagonally fwd R, Skate L diagonally fwd L.
3&4Step R forward, Lock L behind R, Step R forward.
5-6Step forward on L heel, ½ L pivoting on L heel stepping back on R. (6:00)
7&8Step L back, Step R together with L, Step forward L.

[9-16] Mambo Forward R, Mambo L back. Heel Switches RL, Cross R over L, ½ Turn L Unwind.
1&2Rock fwd R and recover back on L, Step back on R.
3&4Rock back on L and recover fwd on R, step fwd L.
5-6Swivel R heel in and back to center, Swivel L heel in and back to center.
&7-8Cross R over L, ½ turn L unwind for 2 counts. {End with weight on L} (12:00)

[17-24] Wizard R, Wizard L, ¼ L Slide, Cross Shuffle RLR.
1-2&Step R fwd, Step L behind R, And step R slightly fwd.
3-4&Step L fwd, Step R behind L, And step L slightly fwd.
5-6¼ turn L, Slide R to R side, Slide L next to R placing weight on L. (9:00)
7&8Cross Shuffle R over L , Shuffle L together, Shuffle R to R side.

[25-32] Side Step, ½ Hinge Turn, 1¼ turn, L Step-Lock.
1-2Step L to L Side, hold.
3-4½ turn R, Stepping R to Right side, hold. (3:00)
5-6½ turn R Stepping L out, ¾ turn R stepping fwd R. (6:00)
7&8Step fwd L, Lock R behind L, Step fwd L.

Restart on Wall 3 after 16 counts, you will be facing (12:00) after the Cross Unwind.

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Last Update – 23 June 2020


Angelina June 24, 2020
Awesome dance! Thanks Mike Kruger❣️

Mike Kruger June 24, 2020
Thank you I really appreciate it.

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