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Hold My Hand EZ

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Absolute Beginner
Annemaree Sleeth - July 2015
Hold My Hand By Jess Glynne : Single on iTunes - 3.47minutes
Intro: 32 counts - Start on vocals “In “ My Mind
Great Split Floor to Darling Hold My Hand by Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris

Sec 1: Walks Forward 3 Kick, Walks Back 3, Touch,
1 – 2Step R Forward, Step L Forward
3 – 4Step R Forward , Kick L Forward
5 – 6Step L Back , Step R Back
3 – 4Step L Back , Touch R Together (Snap Fingers on all touches )

Sect 2: ¼ R Turn Side Touch, 1/4 L Forward Touch, Side Touch, Side Touch
1 – 2Turn ¼ R Step R Side, Touch L Together (3.00) Bending knees on side touches
3 – 4Turn ¼ L Step L Forward , Touch R Together (12.00)
5 – 6Step R Side, Touch L Together (snapping fingers on all touches)
7 – 8Step L Side, Touch R Together

Sec 3: Forward, Recover, Shuffle Back, Back, Recover, Shuffle Forward
1 – 2Rock R Forward, Recover L
3 & 4Step R Back , Step L Together, Step R Back
5 – 6Rock L Back , Recover R
7 & 8Step L Forward Step R Together Step L Forward

Sec 4: Walk Walk, Step lock step/shuffles x 2, Making ¾ Arc Left
1 – 2Turning L Step R forward, step L forward (starting the arc)
3 & 4Step R Forward, Cross L behind R, step L forward
5 – 6Step L Forward, Step R forward
7 & 8Shuffling/Locking Straight ahead Step L Forward, Cross R behind L, Step L forward (Facing 3.00 )


Finish by shuffling a complete full turn to the front
Step L forward arms out by sides and pose

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