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Hold On I'm Comin'

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Absolute Beginner - with Options
Kari McHugh Kyriakos (USA) - June 2017
Hold On I'm Comin' by Michael Grimm (feat. Bill Medley), 2:52 min - iTunes USA
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#16-Count Intro

Sec. 1 (1-8) VineRightWithTouch; VineLeftWithTouch
1 2 3 4StepRightToRightSide, CrossStepLeftBehindRight, StepRightToRightSide, TouchLeftBesideRight
5 6 7 8StepLeftToLeftSide, CrossStepRightBehindLeft, StepLeftToLeftSide, TouchRightBesideLeft

Sec. 2 (9-16) Repeat Sec.1 as described above i.e. VineRightWithTouch; VineLeftWithTouch (or roll either or both vines instead. See Modification Options below for more.)

Sec. 3 (17-24) Side-To-Side2x
1 2 3 4StepRightToRightSide, TouchLeftBesideRight, StepLeftToLeftSide, TouchRightBesideLeft
5 6 7 8Repeat 1-4

Sec. 4 (25-32) 1/4RightTurningSide-To-Side; Side-To-Side
1 2TurnBody1/4RightAndStepWithRight (to face 3:00), TouchLeftBesideRight
3 4StepLeftToLeftSide, TouchRightBesideLeft
5 6 7 8StepRightToRightSide, TouchLeftBesideRight, StepLeftToLeftSide, TouchRightBesideLeft


Modification Options for Advancing Beginners:
-When doing Sec. 2, instead a standard RightVineWithTouch and LeftVineWithTouch, change either or both vines into Rolling Vines with Touches.
-Or feel free to take any of the vines from Sections 1 and/or 2 and make them into Rolling Vines e.g. just roll the Left Vines or just roll the Right Vines.
-Or give your students the option of rolling any of the four vines as they’d like at any point in the dance – get those creative juices flowing! But do remind them that they might get dizzy if doing too many in a row ;)

Have fun



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