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Hold'n On

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Joel Burr
1-2Point right toe to right side, hold
&Close right foot next to left
3-4Point left to left side & hold
&5Close left foot next to right, point right foot to right side
&6Close right foot next to left, point left foot to left side
&7Close left foot to right, point right to right side
8Touch right foot next to left
9&10Kick right foot forward, step down on ball of right foot, change weight onto right, back onto left
11&12Kick right foot forward, step down on right foot, touch left next to right
13-14Bump hips left right
15&16Bump hips left right left
17&18Step right foot forward, close left foot up to right, step right foot forward
19-20Step left foot forward, rock weight onto left, back onto right
21&22Step back left, close right next to left, step back left
23-24Step half turn right, with right foot close left upto right
25-28Step left foot to left side, step right foot behind left, step left to left, making ¼ turn left close with right
29-32Point right toe to right side, close right foot next to left, at same time ½ turn right, point left foot to left, close left up to right



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