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Hollywood Tonight

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High Beginner
Denise Pena & Leonardo Pahuriray - August 2019
Hollywood Tonight - Michael Jackson
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***Honorable mention for Jonno Liberman’s creative choreography contributions

Alt music: MGNO by Russell Dickerson

after 40 cts at lyrics “Hollywood Tonight”
after 16 cts at lyrics “MGNO”

[1 – 8] Toe Struts (*opt. Head nods), R Mambo Step, L Coaster Step
1-2, 3-4*R toe fwd - drop R heel, L toe fwd, drop L heel
5&6Step R fwd - Recover weight onto L - Step R back
7&8Step L back, Step R nxt to L, Step L fwd
[9 -16] 4 Camel Walks, 1/2 L turning Skates
1,2,3,4Walk R fwd w/ L bent knee, Walk L fwd w/ R bent knee, repeat
5,6,7,8Skate onto R, 1/4 L turn Skate onto L, repeat (6:00)
[17-24] R Grapevine , L Side step-hold, ¼ R Turn-R Tap (**opt body rolls)
1,2,3,4Step R to R side, Step L behind R, R to R side, Touch L behind R
5-6&**Step L to L side - Hold, Step R nxt to L,
7-8Step L to L side - ¼ R turn onto L - R tap (keep weight off R) (9:00)
[25 -32] 2 Step-Touch back (***opt Moonwalk), 2 Kick & Point
1-2, 3-4*** R step back - Touch L , L step back - Touch R
5&6, 7&8R fwd Kick - R nxt to L - point L to side, L fwd Kick - L nxt to R - Point R to side
*Nod your head to the beat as you do this set of 4
**You can do body rolls as you do the holds just like in “Beat it” song by Michael Jackson

Created 03/18/19 by Denise Pena UPDATED 7/15/19 adding Leonardo Pahuriray’s & Jonno Liberman’s choreography adjustments – Stepsheet by Annemarie Dunn

Last Update – 21 Aug. 2019



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