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Hollywood Tonight

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Jo Kinser (UK), John Kinser (UK) & Mark Furnell (UK) - January 2011
Hollywood Tonight - Michael Jackson : (Album: Michael)
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Start on the vocals 40 counts in. (0:33)

[1-8] Stomp, Rock and Drag, Behind, Side, Cross, Switch & Switch & Switch, 1/4 Turn, Scuff
1,2&3Stomp Rt to Rt, Rock Lt behind Rt, Replace weight Rt, Step Lt large step Lt dragging Rt heel to Lt
4&5Step Rt behind Lt, Step Lt to Lt, Step Rt across Lt
6&7&Touch Lt to Lt, Step Lt next to Rt, Touch Rt to Rt, Step Rt next to Lt
8&1Touch Lt to Lt, Step Lt next to Rt as you make a 1/4 turn Lt (9:00) (weight Lt), Scuff the Rt food fwd

[9-16] Step & Swivel, Step Lock Back, Sweep Lock Back, Rock & 1/4 Turn
2&3Step Rt fwd, Swivel heels Rt, Swivel heels back to center (weight Lt)
4&5Step Rt back, Lock Lt in front of Rt, Step Rt back
6&7Sweep Lt from front to back stepping Lt back, Lock Rt in front of Lt, Step Lt back
8&1Rock Rt back, Replace weight Lt, Make 1/4 turn Lt stepping Rt to Rt (6:00)
Restart here on the 3rd and 6th wall, facing 12:00.

[17-24] Skate, Skate, Sailor - Kick, Weave Lt, 3/4 Turn & Out
2,3Step Lt to Lt diagonal, Step Rt to Rt Diagonal
4&5Step Lt behind Rt, Replace weight Rt, Step Lt to Lt kicking Rt to Rt
6&7Step Rt behind Lt, Step Lt to Lt, Step Rt across Lt (6:00)
8&1Make 1/4 turn Rt stepping Lt back, Make 1/2 turn Rt stepping Rt fwd, Step Lt to Lt (weight centered) (3:00)

[25-32] Hold & Side, Cross, Kick, Touch, Hand, Unwind
2&3Hold, Step Rt next to Lt, Step Lt to Lt
4,5Step Rt across Lt, Kick Lt to Lt diagonal
6Touch Lt behind Rt (Locking) (3:00)
7Extend Rt hand to Rt side - look Rt (Jazz hand palm facing fwd - Lt hand on belly)
8Unwind 1/2 turn Lt weight Lt – Jazz hand out to sides, palms facing fwd (9:00)


Co-choreographers: (1/11)
Jo & John Kinser Email: - Website:
Mark Furnell Email: - Website:


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