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Hometown Girl

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Lisa Bodnar - January 2017
Hometown Girl - Josh Turner
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*1 Tag; No Restarts

Step Lock R, Step Lock L, Right Rock Recover Forward then Back , Right Scuff with a Touch
1&2 Step R foot forward, lock L foot behind R, Step R foot forward
3&4 Step L foot forward, lock R foot behind L, step L foot forward
5&6 Rock R foot forward, recover weight back on the L, rock R foot back, recover weight back on L
(add some style by adding hip sways to it – similar to a cha-cha)
7&8 Scuff R foot through into a very slight hitch and touch R down next to L on 8 (Keep weight on L)

Right Side to Side Step Touches; Left Side to Side Step Touches
1& Step R out to R side, bring L foot to touch next to R (keep weight on right)
2& Step L out to L side, bring R to touch next to L (Keep weight on left)
3&4 Step R out to R, step slide L next to R and quickly step slide R out to R (weight is on R)
Repeat going to the Left:
5& Step L out to L, bring R foot to touch next to L (weight is on L foot)
6& Step R out to R side, bring L foot to touch next to R (weight is on R)
7&8 Step L out to L, step slide R next to L and quickly step slide L out to L (weight is on L)

¼ Chaser Turn to the Left into a Syncopated Vine (Weave), Right Cross Rock Step
1&2 Step R foot forward, making ¼ turn L while stepping L foot up next to R (weight transfers onto L), touch R toe down at home next to L, keeping weight on the L.
3&4& Cross step R over L, step L out to L side, cross R behind L, step L out to the L side
5-6 Cross rock step R over L and recover on to L
7&8 Rock R foot back and transfer weight onto it while bringing L heel up, step back onto L and touch R toe next to L.

Tag: There is a 2-beat Tag on the instrumental after the second verse ends and before the second chorus starts up. Right rock step forward and then back on a “1&2&” count –weight will end on your L.
The Tag fits right as the last 8 counts of the dance are done - Tag it – and proceed into the beginning of the dance again. Easy!



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