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Honey, I'm Good

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Low Intermediate – Contra (or 2 wall line dance)
Donna Manning (USA) - January 2015
Honey, I'm Good - Andy Grammer
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#16 count intro into music - NO Tags Or Restarts

As a contra dance: pick a partner, start facing each other with about 3 feet between you……..

Sec. 1 (1-8) Step, Kick, Coaster Step, Stomp, Stomp, Toes, Heels, Toes
1,2, 3&4Step R fwd, kick L fwrd as you tap instep to instep w/ partner, step L back, bring R back to L, step L fwrd
5,6, 7&8Stomp R to R side, Stomp L to L side (weight to both feet), turn both toes to center, turn both heels to center, turn both toes to center taking weight to L

Sec. 2 (9-16) Cross Kicks R-L, Triple, Chase Turn
1,2,3,4Kick R across, Bring R back to center, Kick L across, Bring L back to center (you can either tap insteps or kick across each other – add hands if you want…..patty cake L hands while kicking R feet and R hands as you kick L feet)
***You will now triple past your partner R shoulder to R shoulder switching sides***
5&6, 7&8Step R fwrd, bring instep of L to heel of R, Step R fwrd, Step L fwrd, ½ turn R on the ball of L bring R together, Step L fwrd
***You should be back in front of your partner***

Sec. 3 (17-24) Heel Switches, Hitch, Stomp, Heel Switches, Hitch, Stomp
1&2&3&4Touch R heel fwrd, R to center, Touch L heel fwrd, L to center, Touch R heel fwrd, Hitch R, Stomp R at center taking weight
5&6&7&8Touch L heel fwrd, L to center, Touch R heel fwrd, R to center, Touch L heel fwrd, Hitch L, Stomp L across center taking weight

Sec. 4 (25-32) Side Rock, Recover, Weave (repeat sequence)
***You will be changing partners during counts 5-8*** (Make counts 1-4 small…..let 7&8 travel a bit to change partners)
1,2,3&4Rock R to R side, recover to L, R behind L, L to L side, R cross over L – keep these steps small
5,6,7&8Rock L to L side, recover to R, L behind R, R to R side, Cross L over R – Let 7&8 travel to the R to facilitate changing partners
***Your new partner will be the person to the left of your original partner***

You will dance the next rotation with your new partner. During the last section of 8 you will change again and be back with your original partners. People on the end of the lines will dance with and without partners every other rotation.



Sassy Stepper January 31, 2015
Great little contra dance Donna. Thanks so much.

Nonodu84 August 28, 2015
Really nice dance!
I will propose it for our common list of dances in the South East of France.
Thanks a lot!

codeident March 21, 2017
Great fun. Never tried contra dancing, so nice surprise to learn that was what I learned last night when I thought I was learning a new line dance to me.

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