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Alison Johnstone (AUS) - July 2011
Honeycomb - Jimmie Rodgers
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Prepared By: Alison Johnstone (Nuline Dance)
Start: On Vocals - Clockwise Rotation

(1-8) Charleston Step, Monterey ½ Turn, (6.00)
1, 2Touch Right forward, Step Back Right
3, 4Touch Left Back, Step forward Left
5, 6Touch Right Toe to Side, ½ Turn Right stepping Right next to Left
7, 8Touch Left toe to Side, Step Left next to Right

(9-16) Shuffle Diagonally Forward Right, Shuffle Diagonally Forward Left, Stomp, Hold, ¼ Turn Left Bouncing Heels Twice (3.00)
1&2Step forward Right to Right diagonal, Step Left next to Right, Step forward Right (Shuffle)
3&4Step forward Left to Left diagonal, Step Right next to Left, Step forward Left (Shuffle)
(Option to roll your arms as you dance counts 1-4)
5, 6Step forward on Right (facing 6.00 wall no diagonal), Hold,
&7& 8Raise (&) and lower (7) Heels, Raise (&) lower (8) Heels (heel bounces)

(17-24) Walk, Walk, Side Recover Cross, Side Recover Cross, Back, Back
1, 2Walk forward on Right, Walk forward on Left
3&4Rock Right to side, Recover on Left, Cross Right over left
5&6Rock Left to side, Recover on Right, Cross Left over Right
7, 8Step back on Right, Step back on Left

(25-32) Back Lock Step, ½ Turn Shuffle, Pivot ½, Stomp, Clap, Stomp, Clap (3.00)
1&2Step back on Right, Cross Left over Right, Step back Right (Lock Step)
3&4½ turn over Left stepping on Left, Step Right next to Left, Step forward Left (Shuffle) **
5, 6Step forward on Right, Pivot ½ over Left
7& 8&Stomp forward on Right, Clap (&), Stomp forward on Left, Clap (&)

TAG: End of wall 2 (6.00) and 4 (12.00) he sings the word Honeycomb before the start and you simply dance the 1st 4 counts of the dance.
I.E. Add another Charleston Step**

** Ending: You will be facing 12.00 after the ½ turn shuffle (count 28) cross Right over Left and unwind with attitude to the front …tada!!!


Choreographed for my Singapore Workshops

Contact: - Ph +61 404 445 076


Airelle August 8, 2013
Very nice, easy and fun dance for improvers.

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