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Honky Tonk Floor

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Low Intermediate
Rob Fowler (ES) & Agnes Gauthier (FR) - October 2021
Honky Tonk Hardwood Floors - Cody Johnson
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Intro : Starts 32 Counts in

SECTION 1 : Side Shuffle Right, Rock Step, Left Kickball Cross, Left Kickball Cross
1&2Chassy Right
3-4Rock Back L, Recover R
5&6Kick L Diagonal Forward, Step L next to R, Cross R over L
7&8Kick L Diagonal Forward, Step L next to R, Cross R over L

SECTION 2 : Side Shuffle Left, Rock Step , Heel Grind 1/4 turn, Coaster Step
1&2Left Side Shuffle RLR
3-4Rock Back R, Recover onto L
5-6Right Heel grind forward making 1/4 turn R, step left to L side
7&8R Coaster Step

SECTION 3 : Left Rock Step, Left Shuffle 3/4 turn, Right Rock Step, Jump back Clap
1-2Rock Fwd L, Recover Back R
3&4Make 3/4 turn L doing L Shuffle LRL
5-6Rock fwd R, Recover back L
&7-8Jump Back Right out,Left Out, Clap hands
Restart : wall 5

SECTION 4 : Right Forward Side, Right Sailor Step, Left Forward Side, Left Sailor Step
1-2Point R forward, Point R to R Side
3&4R Sailor Step RLR
5-6Point L Forward, Point L to L side
7&8L Sailor Step LRL

SECTION 5 : Rock Step Shuffle 1/2 turn Right, Step 1/4 pivot Left Cross Shuffle
1-2Rock Fwd R, Recover back L,
3&4Make 1/2 turn Shuffle Right RLR
5-6Step Fwd L, Make 1/4 turn pivot R
7&8L Cross Shuffle LRL

SECTION 6 ; Right Side,Clap, &Right Side, Touch & Clap, Rolling Vine L, Touch R
1-2Step R to R side, Clap Hands
&3-4Step L next to R, Step R to R side, touch L next to right with Clap
5-8Make 1/4 turn L on L, Make 1/2 turn L back on R, make 1/4 turn L step L to L side, Touch R

SECTION 7 : Switch Steps, Left Sailor, Right Sailor 1/4 turn Right
1&2Point R to R, Step R next to L, touch L heel Forward
&3&4Step L next to R, Touch R heel Forward,Step R next to L, Point L to L side
5&6L sailor step LRL
7&8Make 1/4 turn R sailor step RLR

SECTION 8 : Rock Step Fwd Left, Recover, Coaster Step, 2 x 1/2 Pivot Turns
1-2Rock step forward L, Recover back R,
3&4L Coaster Step LRL Option : Triple Full Turn instead of Coaster LRL
Restart on wall 1, 3 & 7 ( miss out the 2 Pivots )
5-6Step Fwd R, Make 1/2 pivot L
7-8Step Fwd R, Make 1/2 pivot L

Finish Dance through to end of music, you should be rolling vine section 6, make 1/4 turn L to face front folding arms on heavy beat

Have Fun


arron April 14, 2022
Nice one Rob, excellent music and dance!

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