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Honky Tonk Stomp

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Darcy Leasure (USA) - August 2022
Honky Tonk Disco Nights - Elle King & Nile Rodgers
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*One Easy & Fun TAG w/ Restart

Part 1 / Sliding K Step
1-2Step/Slide R Forward diagonal (to 1 o’clock), L to meet
3-4Step/Slide L to Home, R to meet
5-6Step/Slide R Back diagonal (to 5 o’clock), L to meet
7-8Step/Slide L to Home, R to meet

Part 2 / Toe Heel Walk with Hips, Quick Heels & Claps
1(Moving Forward) R toe touch / R hip hitch up
2R heel down / R hip down
3(Moving Forward) L toe touch / L hip hitch up
4L heel down / L hip down
5,6,7(Stationary) R,L,R quick heel digs forward
&8 2 Claps

Part 3 / Quarter Turns / Back Paddle*
1R foot steps down in front
2Quarter turn over left shoulder
3R foot steps down in front
4Quarter turn over left shoulder (now facing opposite wall)
5-8Back Paddle for full turn (R toe touches on the beat as L foot stays in place)

Part 4 / Grapevine
1-4Grapevine R
5-8Rolling Grapevine L (with 2 Stomps on &8)

TAG & Restart (@ 1:45, you’ll be on your 6 o’clock wall and have just finished part 2)
Wide leg football run backwards to Home (4 counts ) & Restart
*for ultra beginner / balance modification - Pt 3 Back Paddle can be replaced with hip bumps.
5-6Double Hip Bump to the R
7-8Double Hip Bump to the L

Also works well with :
Fire’t Up by Brantley Gilbert (slower)
I Like It (feat. Pitbull) by Enrique Iglesias (faster)


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