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Hooked On Sailors

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Steve Bisson (UK) & Denise Bisson (UK) - July 2021
Symphony of the Seas - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra : (Album: Hooked On Classics 3)
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Intro: 32 counts - approximately 10 seconds in!

Touch Forward, Touch Side, Right Sailor Step, Touch Forward, Touch Side, Left Sailor Step
1-2Touch right forward, touch right to right side
3&4Step right behind left, step left in place, step right in place
5-6Touch left forward, touch left to left side
7&8Step left behind right, step right in place, step left in place [12:00]

Chassé Right, Back Rock Step, Chassé Left, Back Rock Step
1&2Step right to right side, step left beside right, step right to right side
3-4Rock left back, recover on right
5&6Step left to left side, step right beside left, step left to left side
7-8Rock right back, recover on left [12:00]

Heel, Hold, & Heel, Hold, & Point, Hold, & Point, Hold
1-2Touch right heel diagonally forward, hold
&3-4Step right beside left, & touch left heel diagonally forward, hold
&5-6Step left beside right, & point right to right side, hold - point hands up and to right
&7-8Step right beside left, & point left to left side, hold - point hands down and to left

Cross Rock Step, Chassé ¼ Turn Left, Pivot ¼ Turn Left, Right Kick Ball Step
1-2Cross rock left over right, recover on right
3&4Step left to left side making ¼ turn left, step right beside left, step left to left side [9:00]
5-6Step right forward, pivot ¼ turn left (weight on left) [6:00]
7&8Kick right forward, step right beside left to left, step left forward

Repeat - have fun!!



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