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Beginner / Intermediate
Jonas Dahlgren (SWE) - September 2010
Hope - Shaggy : (CD: Hot Shot)
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Walk, Walk Rock And Mambo Together, Paddle Turn ¾, Cross And Heel, Cross A ¼ Press
1-2 Step right forward, step left forward
3&4 Mambo right forward and step in place
5-6 Step right forward turn ¼, step right forward turn ¼
7-8 Step right forward turn ¼, step in place

Cross, Heel, Cross, Press, Baracudas X4 Back
1& Cross right over left, step left to side
2& Put your heel to the right side, step right in place
3& Cross left over right, step back and make a ¼ turn to the left
4& Step right back, press left forward
5& Press right forward
6& Press left forward
7& Press right forward
8& Press left forward, step left in place

*2x Half Boxes, Turn ¼ Right Chasse Right, Turn ½ Left Chasse Left
1&2 Step right to side, step left in place
3&4 Step right forward, step left right, step right in place, step left forward
5&6 Right step ¼ right, step left in place, step right to side
7&8 Left step turn ½ left, step right in place, step left to side

Walk Twice Mambo Rock Turn ¼, Hold And Cross And Cross
1-2 Walk right diagonally right with toe heel, walk left diagonally left with toe heel
3&4 Right mambo, step right in place
5-6& Left turn ½ turn step forward, hold, cross right behind left
7&8 Left turn ¼ and cross, left turn ¼ and cross



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